kids in doodles: my new playschool

early learning, playschool, kids in doodles, pre-schooler

hello again playmates, time again for another round of kids in doodles + today am sharing my new playschool.

my old playschool closed down late last year so mum + i had to find me a new one. lucky enough, we found this one just across the resort where i enroll for swimming class during summer. mum said i really need to get used to going to school + doing all those school works in preparation for big school, where i’d be enrolled this coming school year.

we went to the playschool one day to have me assessed + my new teacher, cheenie, said that i am a fast learner + aced my assessment test. mum enrolled me right away + my class was scheduled the following week. we were to go for 2 hours during mondays/wednesday/friday.

early learning, playschool, kids in doodles, pre-schooler

my first day in my new playschool turned out well. i may be busy marveling at my new surrounding but did what i was told on most occasions. we traced {a lot of tracing} letters, identified the alphabet + numbers, we colored and told stories + my most favorite part of all, we played with this set of mega blocs. i made big robots + made believe they were transformers bumblebee + optimus prime!

i my not have cooperated on a number of occasions, but my teachers were clever enough to make me do my school exercises + unlike my former playschool, where we get to play a lot with my classmates miggy + don, which i missed a lot, we are more focused on doing school-related work + would just pause for a play break when I am being restless.

i am sure i will enjoy my time at my new playschool + i cannot wait to see their play area 2 doors down! 🙂

okay  it’s your turn to share your fun stories with us. do not forget to include one of our badges + link up. also, if there were a number of participants, i hope you’d visit them, too, to make our game more fun + enjoyable. 

have a very nice february everyone! ^_^

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