kids in doodles: my very first valentines card

kids in doodles, pre-schooler, preschooler's work

writing, reading + learning are not the only cool stuff we do at my new playschool/tutorial place, we also make cute stuff on special occasions, like this cool card i made for valentine’s day! mum is a sucker for anything hand-written or hand-drawn, especially if they were made by me, so am sure she especially loved this card!  :Valentine-s-Day:

kids in doodles, pre-schooler, preschooler's work

one of my teachers at playschool, teacher pam, helped me in making this card so i can give it to mum + dad. since i am not yet very good at writing letters, she helped me write the words in front of the card, as well as those inside. i was the one who chose the colors of crayons to choose for the “i love you mommy and daddy” bit. i was also the one who colored that red heart in front of the card.

kids in doodles, pre-schooler, preschooler's work

apart from writing that sweet message, i also drew this picture of me + my parents inside the card. i also made sure to draw my  bib, can you see it in the picture? i also doodled our home + wrote our names in there. i know i need more practice with drawing so i might be able to do a better version of us!  i gave this card to mum on valentine’s day after my class was over. i also showed it to dad when he got home a few days after.  based from their wide smiles, i’m guessing they liked my little work!

did you make or bought something for your parents on valentine’s? share those here at kids in doodles + let’s have a grand time checking out each other’s valentine’s gifts.


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