my new toy truck from tmart

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i got this new toy earlier this year + i really like it! it is a cool toy truck that comes with a couple of screwdrivers which i can use to tinker on the truck. the truck’s parts are also detachable + i can spend endless of hours trying to put them all back together. i can remove the tires, the crane, and the truck driver from his seat, too! of course, i get a little help from mum every now + then!

cars + other vehicles, toys, toy cars, educational toys for children, blogging from a to z challenge

it was really enjoyable to play with this toy as i do not just get to fix the truck, i can also play pretend that i am a mechanic fixing the truck, much like guido from the cars films! this toy also reminds me so much of my favorite, tow mater, as it also looks like a tow truck, with a tow cable to boot!

cars + other vehicles, toys, toy cars, educational toys for children, blogging from a to z challenge

can you tell am really having quiet a wonderful time playing with my new toy? here i am putting one of the screwdrivers to use. this sure is one educational and fun toy to play with  + am glad i got one!

cars + other vehicles, toys, toy cars, educational toys for children, blogging from a to z challenge
this educational large detachable construction vehicle is available at tmart for php504.19, plus you also get free shipping when you order from anywhere in the world. if you haven’t got one of these trucks, it is probably high time to ask mum to get you one! :Wink:

this is my 20th entry {letter t} to #atozchallenge:

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5 sweet surprises for mum on mother’s day

Mother’s Day is almost right around the corner, have you ever thought of what sweet things to surprise your mum for this special day? we all should make the effort, after all, this is the only day {besides mum’s birthday, that is!} that we get to honor the most hard working women in our lives who are always there to love us, care for us, catch us whenever we fall + simply be there whenever we need them.

According to Wikipedia, Mother’s day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her loving mother. it was then celebrated around the world twenty years after until it evolved to what we now celebrate every second Sunday of May in most countries. In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated during the fourth Sunday in Lent, which fell on 30 March this year.

So here are a few sweet stuff you might want to surprise mum on this special day:

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how to prevent obesity in children

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According to Wikipedia, obesity in children is a condition wherein the excessive body fat affects the child’s health + well-being in a negative way. The rate of obesity in children has alarmingly increased in the past few years worldwide + if left unchecked, it may lead to serious emotional + psychological problems + life-threatening ailments + diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes + cancer, as well as other other serious conditions like eating disorders + liver diseases. 

We all ought to put stock on our health + well-being + must take it upon ourselves to be healthy all the time. Battling obesity in children is no simple matter to deal with, but here are a few ways on how you can prevent it:

  • avoid sugary drinks ~ as their name suggests, these drinks are high in sugar + best to be avoided. For children, it is most ideal to opt for water + natural unsweetened juices each time you drink.
  • steer clear of fast food ~ fast food treats are often laden with oil, salt + sugar, that it will be best to avoid them as much as possible. It is probably okay to give in a couple of times a week, but make sure to limit your fast food visits.
  • say goodbye to those unhealthy snack items ~ if you want to prevent obesity from harming your children, it will be best to instill in them a good eating habit, starting with healthy snack items. Instead of stocking up on chips + sweets, offer fresh fruits + vegetables during snack time. Create charming bento meals out of them + am sure even the pickiest of eater will like it!
  • limit TV time ~ living a very inactive life is one surefire way to get those unwanted pounds, so make sure you limit your little one’s time in front of the telly. It is also ideal to not allow them to sit in front of the TV for longer periods of time. You can suggest that they play outside, read a book, explore the outdoors, ride a bike, go for a swim or go on a jog together, in between.
  • get enough sleep ~ younger children nowadays do stay up very late in the evening trying to mimic the ways of the adults, but getting less sleep is also a sure way to get those pounds that it is best to train them to sleep early to get just the adequate amount of sleep their growing bodies need.
  • have a healthy diet ~ it might be difficult to put any growing child on a diet but if it is something that his pedia recommends, it is best for parents + children to abide by it. The key is to have a very balanced meal every single time. Avoid fried, fatty + processed food and opt for fresh greens + veggies. If all else fails, good thing parents can now also consider other types of diet that might be beneficial to their children. You may also want to explore other ways to lose weight, like considering, for example, but it is best to consult with medical practitioners when starting any type of diets or weight loss solutions, as they have the most ideal recommendations, as well as give you invaluable inputs + suggestions.
  • be up on your feet ~ nothing works better at melting those fats than being up on your feet + moving around. This summer, instead of lying in the couch for hours on end, enroll your little ones to sports clinics + summer classes, so they will be sure to be up on their toes even when they take a break from school. Sports is one perfect form of exercise + a great way to stay fit + healthy, the children can also learn independence, self-reliance + discipline. As a bonus, they can also gain new friends! :Aerobics:

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