5 sweet surprises for mum on mother’s day

Mother’s Day is almost right around the corner, have you ever thought of what sweet things to surprise your mum for this special day? we all should make the effort, after all, this is the only day {besides mum’s birthday, that is!} that we get to honor the most hard working women in our lives who are always there to love us, care for us, catch us whenever we fall + simply be there whenever we need them.

According to Wikipedia, Mother’s day was first celebrated in the United States in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her loving mother. it was then celebrated around the world twenty years after until it evolved to what we now celebrate every second Sunday of May in most countries. In the United Kingdom, it is celebrated during the fourth Sunday in Lent, which fell on 30 March this year.

So here are a few sweet stuff you might want to surprise mum on this special day:

  • •   mother’s day flowers ~ mums do love flowers and am sure they would feel really special when you give them a bunch of Mothers Day flowers like these. Whether you choose a wild flower you picked along the way or get her a beautiful bouquet, mum will them just the same.
  • •   volunteer to do a chore ~ as i’ve mentioned our mums are simply hardworking + tireless that you might want to volunteer to do one chore for her on her special day. You may opt to water the plants in her garden, or sweep the floor, or simply make your bed + clean your toys, am sure mum will appreciate it so much as it will be of great help to her.
  • •   give mum a scrapbook you made yourself ~ am sure you know by now that mum loves everything + anything handmade by her little angels + a scrapbook you made yourself will be such a lovely Mother’s Day surprise. You can make a scrapbook of your recent summer trip or a compilation of your artwork when you were still a toddler. You can also create a scrapbook of the important occasions and events in your life featuring your photos with mum + the family. Am sure mum will love it to pieces!
  • •   give her a dozen of hugs + a kisses ~ i do not know about yours, but my mum really loves getting all those hugs + kisses from me + for Mother’s Day it will be very sweet to shower her with those the moment she wakes up in the morning!
  • •   give mum the remote ~ for a change, let mum be in charge of the remote and the telly on Mother’s Day. Let her choose the film + the tv programs to watch that day + just sit beside her + be a darling tv buddy. while you’re at it, prepare popcorn +  make her favorite drinks to make your telly time a relaxing + enjoyable experience!

Whichever you chose to give mum for Mother’s Day, do not forget to show her exactly how much you love her, not just on this special day for mums, but every day!  :Roses-are-red:

first image is from churchmediadesign.tv

second image is from freedigitalphotos.net

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