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the clumsy ninja app is one of my favorite games to play whenever mum allows me to. i enjoy helping the clumsy ninja train to be a better ninja. he trains using different things like the set of balloons to help him develop his balance, the wooden pails so he can practice on his kicks and the punching bag so he can practice on his jabs. one of my favorite ninja training activities will have to be trampoline. i have tried once + i really enjoyed it!

apart from training, the clumsy ninja also goes to the market. mum said that in higher levels, he also goes to different parts of the world and unlock different cool items. hopefully i can unlock one of those soon. meanwhile, i will just continue helping clumsy ninja train so he won’t be clumsy anymore + he can earn a new belt!

do you also enjoy playing clumsy ninja? i’d love to read about it in a comment below  :iPad:

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