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There are just one too many things for mum to worry about now that I am starting big school this year. Aside from preparing my school stuff, my uniforms + my new shoes before the school year finally opens, am sure she has added a few dozen more items on her worry list. + I am guessing she has also added stuff like whether I would fair well in school, or if I will make new friends or actually learn in class.
I am also certain that one of the things mum worries about is my health, especially that the school year opens almost the same time rainy season starts in our country and there are just way too many ailments + diseases that comes during the rainy weather.
Apart from flu, colds and cough, one of the nasty sickness rainy weather brings is fungal infection of the nail.  commonly known medically as onychomycosis, fungal nail infection is considered as one of the most common nail disease. It may also affect fingernails, but it is the toenails that are most commonly infected. 
Why Children Get Nail Fungal Infection
The most common cause of fungal infection of the toenails is moisture in the feet. Since children are more prone to having their shoes and feet wet during the rainy school days, it is no wonder why a number of children suffer with this ailment during this season.
Another factor that may cause a fungus to thrive in fingernails and toenails are when there are cracks in them where the fungus can enter. This is most common when children bite their nails.
The common symptoms of nail fungal infection is red + swollen fingernails + toenails. There might also be a presence of pus or tenderness in the infected area. The infection can also cause for the nail to thicken + change in color.

Easy Ways To Prevent Nail Infections

Fortunately, there are also easy way to prevent nail infections in children, + adult, too. Here are a few of those:
  1. Ensure your children’s feet are clean all the time by washing them daily.
  2. After every wash, make sure to dry out their feet completely, especially those groves between their toes.
  3. Make it a habit to wear fresh clean socks and shoes all the time. Cotton socks are also most advisable.
  4. When children tend to have wet feet, use a kid-friendly sulfur powder to keep the moisture at bay.
  5. When their shoes soak, make sure to air them out and dry them out completely before letting your little ones use them again.
  6. When infection occurs, you may try home remedies, like vinegar or baking soda solution and soak your tot’s feet. But to be on the safe side, it is best not to self-medicate and consult your doctor before trying out any remedies.
  7. There are also many safe nail fungus treatments available in the market today that you can try. Just make sure to check with pediatrician, especially if your children have known skin allergies.

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