List of LED Street Lights Providers in the UK

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Street lights have played a very important role in our daily lives. They make traversing the otherwise deserted streets at night easier, safer and more convenient. In recent years, people’s environmental consciousness has tremendously improved paving the way for people to realize the importance of going green and always choosing greener and more earth-friendly alternatives. This is also the reason why people prefer using greener energy in daily living. One of these options is LED street lights and Makeledlight gives a details discussion about these type of lights.

LED street lights are more cost-effective as they consume less electricity and give a more directional light, thereby lessening light pollution. Each LED street light uses different LED and optic configurations to provide excellent road coverage and high uniformity. This is one of the primary reasons why more and more manufacturers in the world are making these type of lights with LED street lights UK being a few of the most popular ones.

Light Emitting Diode lights, also known as LEDs, commonly used for flickering indicators on machines, vehicle headlights, industrial lighting and streetlights, has the following outstanding benefits:

  •  Concentrates the light onto the road and footway where it is needed, with less light pollution into homes and gardens.
  •  Eliminates the use of hazardous materials contained in sodium vapor lamps.
  •  Directs the light downward onto the roadway reducing the amount of light that is directed into driver’s eyes or the glare. LED lighting could mean safer roads across the country as streets can be lit up brighter at a lower cost, making pedestrians more easily spotted by drivers at night.
  •  Produces more light for the amount of energy used than traditional incandescent bulbs, with less energy lost as heat.
  •  LED lighting also minimizes maintenance and re-lamping with its expected average life of 60,000 hours.

Philips and GE are the leading LED manufacturers in the world. Along with them, there are also a number of manufacturers in the UK that opt to make these environment-friendly lights, including the following:

  •  Gemma Lighting Ltd ~ an innovative, energy conscious and environmentally friendly LED street light manufacturer.
  •  The City of Ann Arbor (MI) ~ has been running a pilot project to try out LED street lights in one of the first such installations in the country.
  •  LED Roadway Lighting Ltd. (LRL) ~ which selected Sony UK to manufacture lighting fixtures to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding UK and European market.
  •  Hilclare Lighting ~ manufactures and supply luminaires and lighting solutions for business and the public sector.
  •  Fisher & Company ~ manufactures belisha beacons. feeder pillars, enclosures, column brackets and a host of accessories and other related equipment to the street lighting industry.
  •  SWARCO~ is world leader in the development and production of LED-based traffic signal heads, once more demonstrates its pioneering approach and innovative capability.

It is good to note that many manufacturers from the UK can now provide high-quality LED light products and more and more people are opting to purchase LED street light UK. It is also good to know that modern technology can now be a vital key in making sure we take the necessary steps to help make the environment cleaner and safer.

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out + about: intramuros

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it sure was a gloomy + bleak day because of the storm + we have no classes today, but i am glad that we still managed to have quite an enjoyable day.we read this very interesting book, played with my transformers toys + with our teensy-weensy microscope. one of the things that i miss doing now that the rainy season is here again is traveling + visiting interesting places, just like what we did last year when we visited intramuros in manila. i did not get around to telling you all about it, so hear goes…

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intramuros is one very interesting place for anyone to visit. the walled city is full of awesome places to check out, including a couple of churches, souvenir shops and museums. at the time of our visit, the atmosphere was very festive thanks to the street performers and the numerous shops that set up their wares and products on the street. my favorite of all was this shop that sells very huge bubble makers. i really had a wonderful time chasing the larger-than-life bubbles with other kiddos around.

weekend, out + about, travel

another activity that i really enjoyed that day was when i tried the quad bike or what they call the electric chariot from one of the companies who joined the street exhibit that day. it was an awesome experience to try out the bike. i am sure i would’ve absolutely enjoyed it more if i was able to give it a go around the area.

weekend, out + about, travel

it was indeed a great experience to visit intramuros. before leaving we also stopped by this souvenir shop with mum + her postcrossing friend, where i got to see all these pretty postcards. can you guess which ones we bought?

traveling to places is really a fun + enjoyable activity. i just hope the weather will clear up soon so we might get to spend time outdoors. in the meantime, let us all stay safe + pray that typhoon glenda won’t wreak havoc in our country.

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Proper Lighting Does The Trick!

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Before you turn the power on in your new home, consider the kind of light fixtures you will have. There are numerous choices, and you can let your personality shine by choosing something that not only serves a purpose of lighting the home but looks amazing as well. Many customers enjoy shopping online because of the quality customer service and not feeling like they have to rush to make a decision. From chandeliers to bathroom lighting, you will find a little bit of everything in one place.

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Table lamps are a popular idea for smaller rooms or rooms where you don’t spend  lot of time. They can be placed on a corner table and serve as a decoration as well as something that functions to let light into the room. Floor lamps are similar to these in that they can be placed in a corner where they are inconspicuous but still have a beautiful appearance. Wall sconces are ideal in homes that have larger hallways. These lights can be placed on the walls in the hallway at regular intervals. They can also be placed in children’s rooms to help ease the fear of the dark. Learn more about lighting fixtures and the company selling them by reading customer reviews.

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It does pay to know a little about properly installing lighting fixture at home to make it work to your advantage. It is also good to know that there are numerous resources you can tap online in order to brush up on your knowledge. Lights, apart from doing their job to illuminate every space that need to be lit at home, also functions as great home decor that adds a pop of color or beautifies any space it occupies. They also double as perfect eye candies for kiddos like me, especially if you have lights with cartoons around your home.

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hi july!

greetings, July

we barely notice the month of june floating away because mum + i were both busy with school + everything that i had to do related to it. before the school year started, we were busy preparing all my school stuff + the supplies we had to bring to school. when my classes started, we were both occupied to make it to school on time. on most times we were successful but there are also time we fail to make it in time for the flag ceremony or when the school bell rang for my first class but i am sure we will get the hang of it very soon.

july will probably be another exciting month + i do hope i get to learn a lot more in school + finally make friends, too! i also hope we have a couple of outdoor adventures on weekend if the weather will allow. i am sure mum can also throw in a couple of posts here from time to time.

i hope you will have an equally interesting + exciting july, do tell me about yours in a comment below. cheers!


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