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it sure was a gloomy + bleak day because of the storm + we have no classes today, but i am glad that we still managed to have quite an enjoyable day.we read this very interesting book, played with my transformers toys + with our teensy-weensy microscope. one of the things that i miss doing now that the rainy season is here again is traveling + visiting interesting places, just like what we did last year when we visited intramuros in manila. i did not get around to telling you all about it, so hear goes…

weekend, out + about, travel

intramuros is one very interesting place for anyone to visit. the walled city is full of awesome places to check out, including a couple of churches, souvenir shops and museums. at the time of our visit, the atmosphere was very festive thanks to the street performers and the numerous shops that set up their wares and products on the street. my favorite of all was this shop that sells very huge bubble makers. i really had a wonderful time chasing the larger-than-life bubbles with other kiddos around.

weekend, out + about, travel

another activity that i really enjoyed that day was when i tried the quad bike or what they call the electric chariot from one of the companies who joined the street exhibit that day. it was an awesome experience to try out the bike. i am sure i would’ve absolutely enjoyed it more if i was able to give it a go around the area.

weekend, out + about, travel

it was indeed a great experience to visit intramuros. before leaving we also stopped by this souvenir shop with mum + her postcrossing friend, where i got to see all these pretty postcards. can you guess which ones we bought?

traveling to places is really a fun + enjoyable activity. i just hope the weather will clear up soon so we might get to spend time outdoors. in the meantime, let us all stay safe + pray that typhoon glenda won’t wreak havoc in our country.

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