kids in doodles: coloring + drawing on a holiday

kids in doodles, doodles 
kids in doodles, pre-schooler, doodles, children art

hello there boys + girls! it has been a very long, looong while since we last had a kids in doodles post + now that mum + i had a day’s off from our daily activity, thanks to the eid al adha holiday, we found the time to sit down + wrote this post! ^_^

kids in doodles, pre-schooler, doodles, children art

for this week, let me tell you all about one of my favorite activities, especially during holidays, drawing + coloring. it was timely that mum dug up a number of coloring books from one of my boxes while she was doing some cleaning in the room yesterday. it meant additional stuff for me to color + more reason for me + my crayons to get busy! i thought this spongebob squarepants coloring + activity pad is way too cool! 😉

this morning i wasted no time + got busy with my crayons + coloring books + colored the morning away! i even doodled one of my fave characters, optimus prime. i know it would take awhile before i get him to resemble the real thing but i hope i will get there one day with constant practice. i could also probably use a tip or two from my tito whose drawings are very good.

kids in doodles, pre-schooler, doodles, children art

i really enjoy drawing + coloring. mum also encourages it since it i get to work + practice with my hands. am guessing mum will like any activity that involves art + practicing my hands. 🙂

okay, time for you to share your favorite holiday activities with us. remember to add any of the meme badges you fancy here + if you are new to our meme, you may also read more about it, too. while you’re at it, you can also read our previous kids in doodles post here. joining is as easy as 1-2-3 so am sure you will get the hang of it in no time. heading out to for a playdate with my cousins in a few but i shall be back later on to check on your entries. enjoy the rest of the day guys!  :Pleasure:

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