spooky scooby-doo happy meal toys

happy meal toys, toys, collections

we recently went to mcdonald’s + guess what i saw when i went straight to their new happy meal toys display  rack? these cool yet spooky scooby-doo happy meal toys! i think they are fun to play with. i particularly liked the monster hand + scurrying eyeball. mum said they were scary but i thought they were really cool! good thing she still agreed to get me one even if she is squeamish about it! 🙂

there are other spooky toys that complete this collection + that includes:

happy meal toys, toys, collections

  1. scooby guard
  2. spooky treasure chest
  3. spooky story book
  4. spooky eye cup

these toys are just perfect for halloween, right? so which one’s your fave or which one are you likely to get the next time you visit your local mcdonald’s?

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