kidzania manila’s aviation academy

educational places for children to visit, announcement, press release

mum recently attended a press launch for the upcoming kid attraction in manila, kidzania manila. she told me all about it + i was really excited to hear about this new kid destination that would allow children like me to engage in many role play activities + be fire fighters, doctors, or pilots for a day. i thought it’s aviation academy will be such an interesting place to visit, don’t you think.

here’s a little summary about kidzania manila which is about to open its facilities at the global city in taguig in february next year:

educational places for children to visit, announcement, press release
little cebu pacific air pilots + flight attendants

Like many adult adventures, the journey to KidZania Manila begins at an airport, the KidZania International Airport. There, kids will check in at Cebu Pacific counters, get their Cebu Pacific boarding passes, and enter KidZania Manila, a child-sized, interactive play city built just for them.

Inside KidZania Manila, children can role-play over 100 exciting careers – from pilots and doctors, engineers and bank tellers, to actors and artists.  Establishments that are universal favorites among children who have visited Kidzania in 16 cities all over the world will also be at KidZania Manila –an aviation academy, bank, fire station, hospital, television station, and a variety of other establishments that form the inner-working core of a real city.

Inside the aviation academy, children can train to be a Cebu Pacific pilot or flight attendant. With the help of Zupervisors, the pilots of KidZaniacanexperience taking off and landing an aircraft using state-of-the-art flight simulators. Meanwhile, KidZania flight attendants can learn how to ensure the safety and comfort of their passengers through a safety demonstration and Fun Game, among others.

When they work at different establishments, kids will earn KidZos, the official KidZania currency.  They can choose to save or spend these KidZos during their visit.

don’t you think it will be a very cool place to visit? i do hope to see you all there once it opens next year, right? read more about kidzania manila in mum’s post here.  :Happy:

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