Use A Baby Monitor To Take Care Of Your Child

You might ask that why would you need a baby monitor? Even though it has become an obvious question now, baby monitors are the newest innovation for the busy parents. This application gives the parents the facility of keeping an eye on the baby even if they are not present with the baby all the time.

A baby monitor is something that you can use to listen to even the remotest of the noises made by your infant. The baby monitors are primarily used to keep watch on your baby when they sleep in separate rooms or when you are away from your baby. The system comprises of a radio transmitter and a receiver system that come with a camera, microphone and speaker. The microphone is put near the baby and the receiver system is to be kept with you.

The device has a frequency within the range of 49 to 50 megahertz but there are some models that have a frequency as high as 900MHz. There may be a few times that the baby monitor gives a third party the transmitted signals in their receiver. There are many choices of bands to avoid this situation. The wireless baby monitor has no cord or wire attached to it. You can even get baby monitors with cable instead of a radio signal and for that, you will need a main wiring.

Baby monitors nowadays are mainly operated via batteries and they form the major part of power source. The transmitter is set with the crib of the infant which is generally plugged into a socket. There are many kinds of baby monitors. One comes equipped with a camera which shows the digital footage of the baby on the receiver. This one is called the baby video monitor or the digital baby monitor. It works just the same way a webcam does and some others even have the feature where you can see the footage on television.

There are some that are bi-directional or duplex and use transceivers that let you talk back to the baby and some even have features that play music through the transmitter to the baby. These devices also have video features. Some even have movement sensors that notify the parents if the baby is moving around and some added features are also there that have the ability to record the heartbeat of the baby. These are known as baby heartbeat monitor or the baby heart monitor. The device that records the breathing of the baby is known as the baby breathing monitor. For those people who cannot hear, there is the vibrating feature to alert them of anything.

When parents want to buy cheap yet quality baby monitor they often choose between Levana and VTech.

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I did not use a baby monitor when I was a baby because I was lucky that my mum was around 24/7 to look after me + if she was busy doing something, my aunts + uncle were assigned to look after me while she finished her tasks. It is good to know that mums + babies these days can always trust baby monitors to keep tabs on the little ones while mums are busy taking care of other things around the house. What baby monitor brands are you using at home?

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  1. Yeah, I wasn’t able to use my baby monitor as well. I think once and that’s it. We live at studio unit, so no need for me to have that. Plus, my mum was always there to help me.

    1. lucky of you to have your mum around to help out. these baby monitors are ideal for those mum who do not have house help + needs to get all the job done at home while taking care of their little ones.

    1. that is so true, especially for those who are not co-sleeping with their little babies.

    1. Thank you! I am sure you will have a blast being a mum blogger, it is one of the best careers I’ve ever had! 🙂

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