Celebrating Christmas in School

pre-schooler, school activities, christmas, gifts

i don’t believe i told you all about our christmas celebration in school. this is the first time i am joining a christmas party in school as i’ve just started schooling this year + i did enjoy it! the weekend before our party, mum + i were busy preparing my gifts for my classmates + my teachers. mum made goodie bags out of colored papers we have readily available + i put a lot of big hero 6 stickers onto these bags as decorations. mum also found this cool christmas gift tags printable on pinterest, which i used to write in the names of my friends + teachers. we packed a variety of candies + a couple of colored pens on my classmates’ bags, while mum stashed a couple of girly stuff on my teachers’ bags. i do hope they like the gifts we prepared for them!

pre-schooler, school activities, christmas, gifts

our school party started with a program at the gym hosted by a local fast food. everyone from prek1 to grade 6 were in the gym that day, along with our teachers. contests were also held for everyone to join. i joined this fun game with my classmate, wesley, where we were to follow the instructions like “put your cheek on your partner’s cheek” and the likes. it was a pair of our schoolmates from the other pre-k2 class who won this contest.

pre-schooler, school activities, christmas, gifts

after we participated in the program at the gym, we proceeded to our classroom to continue our party. we were served fried chicken + rice, burger + juice. as we were eating, we also distributed the gifts we prepared for our classmates. + while finishing our food, the exchange gifts started.  it was charlene who picked me from our exchange gifts + she gave me this cool ninja turtle toy with music + light. i picked mavey + i gave him this cool truck diecast we got for him. i sure hope he likes it!

how was your christmas celebration in class?

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