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not too long ago mum came home with a huge bag filled with books + i was so excited to check them out. apart from the many books for grown-ups, there are also a number of great reads for me + i simply cannot wait to browse through them. my favorite from my new reads are these little board books of critters. it is a set of 4 books featuring these uber cute critters in different types of work. there is the cowboy, police, doctor, + a construction worker. these are really enjoyable read, in fact, i jumped into reading one as soon as i got home from school one time.

gifts, my favorite things, books, collection

i really enjoy reading these little books as they fit my hands perfectly, they are very easy to read, + they have such cute illustrations! i have read them numerous times since they arrived. of course, i had to ask mum to read most of the book each time, but i am sure i will get to reading these awesome books on my own very soon.

thank you so much ninang niz for my new books!

how about you, what is your current favorite read? :Happy-Grin:

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