kids in doodles: valentine’s day doodles

Kids in Doodles, pre-schooler, doodles

i was not able to create a valentines card for mum + dad this year, but i wrote these doodles on my magnetic slate especially for them! i thought it was just as sweet! mum asked why there were too many hearts on my doodles + i said because that is how much i love her + dad!

Kids in Doodles, pre-schooler, doodles

yup, i know i still have to practice a bit more on my writing, my mum told me so. i am just too tired sometimes + most of the time it is more fun to play with my toys or watch my favorite cartoons on the telly than to work on my writing worksheets. i know i cannot delay it much longer because mum will definitely find a way to convince me to do it, anyway!

what did you make for your mum + dad for valentine’s? do share!  :Valentine-s-Day:

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