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travel, out + about, my favorite things, educational places for children to visit, fun activities for children

we planned to spend more time outdoors this year + seemed like we were off to a good start as we joined a fun walk at school earlier this year. we had to wake up very early in the morning in order to make it to the assembly place at 5.30am. we were a bit late, but we still managed to join. we had fun walking through the road leading to my school before the sun came up. we were a bit tired + sweaty when we made it to the finish line, but it was all worth it + i really had a great time walking, marveling at the things i see around + getting a much-needed exercise.

we also managed to catch the Pope Francis Stamp Exhibit at SM ~ The Block during the Holy Father’s visit here + i did not fail to grab the chance to have a quick snap with his life-size standee. Do you like our photo together?

travel, out + about, my favorite things, educational places for children to visit, fun activities for children

little man’s ootd: my blue Lightning McQueen shirt is courtesy of my ninang Jack,
cargo pants from Uniqlo,
shoes from Payless

we also managed to go to the la mesa eco park last month. i’ve been asking mum if we can visit the place since i saw bogart the explorer’s episode about his visit to this awesome local park! there are plenty of wide open spaces to roam around, lots of beautiful flowers + huge trees. we had fun running around the green grass + spending great time under the sun! we also got a glimpse of the vast la mesa dam, too bad we were not allowed to take photos of it. we enjoyed our park visit so much i cannot wait for us to go back there!

traveling is really an enjoyable pastime + a perfect bonding activity with the family that is why i really hope we can travel more this year. it might take a few while before we’d require one of those translations services and travel to a foreign country, but there are loads of beautiful + amazing places to visit in our country + i would love to have the chance to see + visit a number of them. i just hope mum + dad will have enough budget for these travel adventures!  :Pleasure:

where do you plan to travel next this month?

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