mcdonald’s happy meal toys 2015: home

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Oh’s Spinning Cat + Shaking Oh

mcdonald’s recently released another batch of happy meal toys. it is for the film home, just in time for the release of the film in local cinemas. i think these toys are so adorable + i love that we were able to collect all 8 designs.

collections, toys, happy meal toys

Proud + heroic Oh + Surprised Oh

the happy meal toys home series include:

  • • dancing oh
  • • nervous oh
  • • shaking oh
  • • surprised oh
  • • proud + heroic oh
  • • bashful oh
  • • oh’s spinning cat

collections, toys, happy meal toys

 Nervous Oh + Dancing Oh

they are all too cute that i cannot decide which one is the cutest. they are all my favorite! we have also seen the film recently + i love it just as much!  :Movie-Time:

collections, toys, happy meal toys

Bashful Oh + Heartfelt Oh

did you also collect the home happy meal toys? which one is your fave?

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Summer Kicks Off with Goooal!: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic

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If you are planning to learn how to play football, this summer is probably the best time to do it. Be trained by no less than Real Madrid C.F youth team coaches and help a charity, as this is a fundraising event. That’s like hitting 2 goals with one kick, right? Read on to know more about Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic:

It’s a fundraising event like no other before by Fundación Santiago in collaboration with the Fundación Real Madrid. It’s “Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic.”

This two-week football training for the youth and for football coaches will happen in a span of 12 days from April 19 to May 2 in Metro Manila and in Negros Occidental. Goooal! participants will be trained by the best coaches from the Real Madrid C.F. youth team in Spain on individual technique and tactical team training.

In the words of Fundación Santiago executive director, Chaco Molina: “Here’s a case that proves that doing good is More Fun in the Philippines. Indeed a unique opportunity to be of help to those who have less in life while enjoying the practice of your favourite sport, mentored by internationally acclaimed coaches.”

It all started with a novel joint project in Nasugbu, Batangas designed to keep children in school and out of harms-way through the practice of football. Notably, the proceeds from “Goooal!: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic” will go to Fundación Santiago’s Volun2rism Program, particularly the Real Madrid Foundation Social Sports School (Escuelas Socio Deportivas) in Batangas and Negros Occidental.

It will foster inclusive development for under-served children while they pursue their passion for football and enhance their academic performance. The Social Sports School likewise aspires to teach them good values associated with sports and teamwork as well as healthy living.

This summer “Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic” will hone the football skills of participants, ages 7 to 18 years old, in daily sessions held at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila from April 20 to 24 and at the SJR Football Field in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental from April 27 to May 1.

The Coach Clinic is a whole day educational session for football coaches on pre-championship and pre-competition preparation for young players, set for April 19, in Metro Manila and on May 2, in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental.

“Goooal: The Real Madrid Foundation Clinic” is supported by the Philippine Sports Commission, the Spanish Embassy in Manila, MAPFRE-Insular, Roxas Holdings and Lifeline.

For more info, you may contact Cheska Lacson, Resource Mobilization Officer of Fundación Santiago at:

E: | M: +63936 -9677660 | T: 696-2457

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