mcdonald’s happy meal toys 2015: adventure time

collections, toys, happy meal toys

i used to watch jake + finn episodes on the telly that is why i am very excited to collect them when mcdonald’s came out with their very own happy meal toys. we recently completed my set that includes the following toys:

collections, toys, happy meal toys

  1. spring into action jake
  2. bendable finn
  3. freeze blast ice king
  4. channel changing bmo
  5. bendable jake
  6. sword swingin’ finn

collections, toys, happy meal toys

they sure are cool toys to have in my collection + among them my most favorite is bendable finn. after getting my last batch of finn + jake happy meal toys, we went to the nearby park for some much-needed time outdoors + had an impromptu photo sessions with my new toy. i bet they enjoyed it as much as i did!

collections, toys, happy meal toys
collections, toys, happy meal toys

here are a few more photos from our pictorial, i hope you like them. i thought bendable jake is also cool, as well as channel-changing bmo. among these toys, which is your favorite?


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