mcdonald’s happy meal toys 2015: home

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Oh’s Spinning Cat + Shaking Oh

mcdonald’s recently released another batch of happy meal toys. it is for the film home, just in time for the release of the film in local cinemas. i think these toys are so adorable + i love that we were able to collect all 8 designs.

collections, toys, happy meal toys

Proud + heroic Oh + Surprised Oh

the happy meal toys home series include:

  • • dancing oh
  • • nervous oh
  • • shaking oh
  • • surprised oh
  • • proud + heroic oh
  • • bashful oh
  • • oh’s spinning cat

collections, toys, happy meal toys

 Nervous Oh + Dancing Oh

they are all too cute that i cannot decide which one is the cutest. they are all my favorite! we have also seen the film recently + i love it just as much!  :Movie-Time:

collections, toys, happy meal toys

Bashful Oh + Heartfelt Oh

did you also collect the home happy meal toys? which one is your fave?

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