Empty Nest Renovations That Appeal to Nest Builders

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If you’re planning to renovate your empty nest to make it more accommodating to you in your senior years, there are projects you can do that will make your home a comfortable place for you and be an appealing selling feature should you decide to downsize in the future. Before beginning a project, it’s best to get advice and a quote from a home renovation expert.

Bathroom renovations

A curbless shower can make a bathroom more accessible for you if you have mobility problems. This type of shower, and what is being referred to as a shower room, are now popular design trends that are accommodating to seniors and appealing to young couples. Hands free, motion sensor faucets make life easier for someone with arthritis. They are also a trendy design element in a modern bathroom.

Bedroom renovation

If your master bedroom is small, you might want to remove a wall that separates it from another bedroom. Combining the rooms will give you a more spacious master retreat. A larger room would be more accommodating for a wheelchair or walker, if it becomes necessary for you to use either of those. Should you decide to sell your home, a larger bedroom could be staged to include a cozy sitting area or reading area in the bedroom.

When contemplating a renovation, consider how the changes will impact the sell of your home. There are many renovation ideas that can serve multiple purposes.

Jared Quips

These home renovations do sound very interesting and it is also fascinating to know that you can opt for renovation options to fit whatever needs you might have at the moment ~ a little bundle of joy’s playroom, a teenage son’s entertainment room, and yes, even rooms that are fit to cater to the needs of the elderly. These home renovations are practical, especially if one seeks the advice of experts before proceeding with these renovation projects.

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