i got peanutized!

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I just recently discovered the awesome + colorful world of Peanuts thanks to the Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanut Movie which I have seen a couple dozen times already! I fell in love with Charlie Brown’s colorful world + his awesome friends. It was good that they also launched Happy Meal Peanuts toys in time for the film + even when I was not able to collect all the toys, I am very happy with those that we got in our collection {although if you will be kind enough to send us the Schoeder + Sally toys, it will be most appreciated ^_^}. I will share my Peantus happy Meal Toys

A few days back mum showed me this cool Peanutize Me website, where you can turn yourself into one of those cool Peanuts characters. I chose among the many different options and this is what the Peanut version of me looks like! I love wearing shades + watch so I included that in my Peanut self. I thought he was cool, what do you think? This Peanutize photos can be downloaded as profile picture or a wall paper. We downloaded the profile photo version so we can easily share it here.

my favorite things, cartoon characters, cartoons

Mum also did a peanutized version of herself, what do you think?

Did you make a Peanut version of yourself, too? I wonder how you looked like.

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From The Mailbox: Avengers Postcards

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It has been a while since I last shared about my postcard collection. Mum + i were not as active in postcrossing as we are the previous years, but we did manage to have a number of awesome swaps, including these avengers postcards sent to us from China.

collections, postcards, Marvel superheroes

I may not have told you before, but I am a big fan of Avengers and I have seen their films on the telly loads of times! They are all my faves and it sure was a treat to receive their postcards in the mail.

collections, postcards, Marvel superheroes

The guy mum swapped with had numerous Avengers cards + we are glad he agreed to swap with a lot of them, so I can have a bunch of Avengers characters in my collection. I received Ironman, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Nick Fury, Black Widow, + Hawkeye. I was not able to take photos of the Ironman + Hulk cards, but I will make sure to share them with you next time. 

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Encouraging Your Little Sports Fan

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wearing my red basketball jersey for our PreSchool Musical program last year

When it comes to sports teams, kids tend to follow family traditions. For example, if a family has a long history of rooting for the local professional baseball team, then children born into that family will usually get caught up in the fan mania as well. Parents who are also sports fans like to encourage their little ones to have as much team spirit as possible, and there are plenty of ways to inspire a love of the home team in your littlest fan.

Dress Them In The Proper Apparel

If you are an NFL family, then you should be investing in NFL baby clothes for your little ones. It is never too early to get a fan started on that lifelong journey with their team, and being seen in team apparel is a great way to help your little fan show some team spirit.

Take Them To A Game

A live sporting event can be a loud and lively event, which means that it is not ideal for the very young fans. But as your child gets a little older, you can create exciting memories by taking them to their first real game. When you get your little fan decked out in their own team gear and take them to see the team play in person, you are creating a day your child will never forget.

Dress Up Their Bedroom

A good place to allow your child to show their fan allegiance is in their bedroom. You can do something as simple as getting your child a set of bed sheets with the team’s logo and colors on them, or you can get involved in elaborate painting projects that turn their entire room into a fan’s dream. There are also large, removable decals you can get of your child’s favorite players that would look perfect on their bedroom walls.

Being a sports fan is usually something that children get directly from their families. A child might start to follow their parents’ favorite team, or it could be granddad’s favorite college football team that creates dreams for the little fan to follow. You can encourage your little fan to cheer on their team, and enjoy the up and down ride of being a true and passionate sports fan, by providing them with the tools they need to put their sports allegiance on display wherever they go.

Jared Quips

Mum + dad are not huge sports fans but we do enjoy watching a basketball game from time to time. They also recently bought me this cute basketball jersey, which I also wore for a school activity. I though being interested in sports is really cool. My fave at the moment is swimming + I cannot wait for my summer swimming class to start. I also enjoy a friendly game of basketball with my parents in our garage whenever we can + this year I am re-starting to learn how to bike +looking forward to use my new Avengers bike everyday!

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