How to Save Money When Shopping for Flowers

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Flowers are considered to be the simplest form of gift you can give anyone at any occasion. Who would not agree, flowers are uncomplicated, sincere, and honest. Let us put it this way, gifts are supposed to show appreciation. From the time you have given a gift, that person should feel that you did have them in mind while you were choosing this gift for them. Flowers can do all of that and more, without any of the frills.

This is the reason why there are still people out there rambling to get to the florist looking for the perfect cut of flowers on special occasions, browsing through online shops with services like the flower delivery to international customers or if you’re in Australia, Fresh Flowers offers flower delivery to Sunshine Coast residence or to other parts of the country. Of course, they may be the simplest form of gift, but they are not entirely that budget-friendly. If you want to show other people you value them, why economize?

But do not worry, here we will give you tips on saving money for getting your special person the best flowers your money can buy.

Set a budget for buying flowers

Before you step into a shop or browse through an online flower store, you need to know how much you are willing to spend for flowers. The best way to do this is to figure out how many flowers you are planning to buy. For instance, if there are no special occasions, you can plan to buy a minimum number, like 3 stalks of flowers. Just remember to set a reasonable budget.

Calling ahead to the store can help you compute the amount you need to set aside.

Choose either local and in-season flowers or year-round blooms

In-season flowers are usually cheaper than those that are not. Dedicate a couple of minutes of research into what flowers are in season. Year-round flowers can always be your fall back plan, like roses and orchids.

Additionally, they do not just cost less, but in-season flowers guarantees a fresh bloom.

gift ideas, tips and tricks

Use a combination of different flowers in your arrangements

One of the best way to save money is to mix up different flowers. You can stay away from the overpriced ones by doing this, and create a unique arrangement to boot. Browse through budget friendly flowers and check out which shades of colour and what sizes can go together to create the perfect flower arrangement.

It will look prettier, too, than an expensive, lone, cliché flower.

Make your flowers last longer

So you can avoid buying flowers every now and then, make the flowers longer than they usually would. You can cut a few centimetres off of the stem at an angle, make sure there are no leaves where it will be submerged, and use room temperature. If you do not have flower food you can add in the vase, make sure to change the water daily.

Try to get then the day before you need them

If there are special occasions like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, make sure to buy them the day before because prices usually spike when flowers are in-demand. Or better yet, call the shop and reserve your flowers so they can keep it fresh for you, and you can pick it up on the day itself.

gift ideas, tips and tricks

Go for potted plants

Another way of keeping flowers alive longer is to buy ones that can grow on a pot like orchids. The person you will give it can take care of it and watch it grow.

These are proven ways to save you money on your next flower shopping. It shows that gifts do not need to be expensive. Right now, the adage, “it’s the thought that counts” holds true.

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Flowers and plants are the type of gifts that will always brighten anyone’s day or make an occasion, like Malay weddings extra special.  They can also be given at any occasion or celebration. Beautiful flower arrangement and lovely potted plants may sometimes cost much but if you follow these tips and tricks mentioned above, I am sure you do not have to spend much should you plan to give your mum or your loved ones a bunch of beautiful blooms today.

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