Street Pianos Bring Music to the People

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Music has the power to move people to tears, restore hope to the downtrodden and change the hearts, minds and opinions of the general population and those in positions of political authority. The street piano movement that has swept the nation over the course of the last several years brings citizens in large and small cities the opportunity to hear the music of others and create their own. From New York to Las Angeles and virtually everywhere in between, street piano programs are bringing communities together.

New York City proudly takes part in several widely recognized street piano movements that have placed large numbers of pianos in parks and other public recreational spaces across the country. While there are plenty of places to play in the city, there are also many street pianos in NY State for those who want to connect with strangers and neighbors in Albany and several locations throughout Western New York.

music, grown up stuff

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Although the longstanding agricultural interests of the Midwest often leave outsiders with the misconception that the region lacks an appreciation for the finer things in life, musicians playing street pianos in places like Iowa City, IA, Kalamazoo, MI, and Cincinnati, OH, are set to debunk that myth. Like more cosmopolitan areas, the Midwest is home to many residents who are passionate about both music and the betterment of their communities.

Those looking for street pianos in the Southern United States will also find an array of fantastic cities that bring visitors and locals together to create a more harmonious world through music. Readily available pianos can be found in Florence, SC, Nashville, TN, and a variety of other inviting locales throughout the region.

There are a host of exciting communities in the Western United States that also work with groups that are committed to bringing pianos to the people. From Joshua Tree and Los Angeles, CA, to Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR, visitors and community members will find gorgeous pianos that are just waiting for players who want to make both music and memories.

Play for Peace

Coming together with others to play, listen and even dance to the beat is an admirable goal that is shared by individuals in every corner of the globe. Tourists and locals in a variety of regions can use street piano programs to enhance community ties and build brighter futures.

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