out + about: attending my classmate’s birthday party

children's party, kids, out + about, birthday, birthday party

If you are in Grade 1 this school year, then you probably either celebrated your 7th birthday or you are being invited to your classmates’ birthday party. According to mum, turning 7 is a milestone in a child’s life that is why most children celebrate it with a party. I celebrated my 7th birthday last year, too, + have also been invited to a number of parties the last few months. The latest of which was the one I attended last weekend with mum.

children's party, kids, out + about, birthday, birthday party

It was my classmate Jewel’s party + it was held in a cool outdoor event venue in Guiguinto. Jewel + her family prepared a beautiful fair for all of her guests. Upon arrival, we were given stubs that we should use for each of the booths available at the party. There are so many booths that day, among them are for cotton candy, sweet treats and desserts, hotdog, french fries. There is also a photo booth, face painting, Β several booths for fun games where I was able to win prizes with my friends by hitting a stack of cans with ball!

What I enjoyed the most, though, is joining the parlor games during the program where I got to win an Iron Man toy brick toy + spending time with my friends at the swings + see saw! I spent a lot of times riding them with my friends, Carl + Daniel!

Jewel also prepared a puppet show for all the children but I was not able to see it because I was busy playing with my friends. Before the program ended, Jewel even sang a beautiful song for all of her guests! It was just too bad that we were not able to take a photo with the birthday celebrant, but we really enjoyed her party! ^_^

children's party, kids, out + about, birthday, birthday party

Attending parties sure is fun + enjoyable. I will be attending 2 more the next few weeks so mum will be busy wrapping more presents later after searching for thisΒ music equipment stores near me.

What is your favorite part about attending parties? I would love to read all about it in a comment below. πŸ™‚

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  1. My favorite is always watching my friends open the presents. There is always a joy in that moment. Well that and eating CAKE! Yummy. I hope you have fun on the next 2 you go to – and play LOTS of games!

    1. Those are fun to watch, too! I love opening presents myself! You bet I will, thanks! ^_^

  2. Looks like a fantastic day! The best thing on the parties for me is that I can spend some time with my friends and just have fun!:)

  3. Hopefully this will be the first o many bday party invitations. It is important to attend and support one another AND most of all… have fun!!

    1. I am betting it will be! ^_^ Yes, I do love these parties + enjoy attending them so much! πŸ™‚

  4. I remember always having a lot of fun attending birthday parties when I was a little kid and playing the traditional party games. It’s good to see that kids are still enjoying these kinds of games and not just video games.

    1. My mum most definitely agrees with you on that one. She has so many tricks just so she can keep me away from those games! πŸ˜€

  5. I wasn’t aware of turning 7 to be a milestone. I’m just happy when we make another year in general. Looks like it was a big event with all of the individual stations I’m sure the children had a lot of fun.

    1. I guess it was a local tradition here in our country, which is just perfect in my opinion! Yes, each year is but another reason and milestone to celebrate for each child.

  6. I’m happy to read this post! I am an events photographer and I do photo coverage for kid’s birthday parties and weddings, too! And I’m also from Guiguinto! I know how fun it is to celebrate birthdays with kids. Sometimes, I feel like partying with them too even I am only there to take pictures. And the magic and puppet show?! They are amazing! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, there is really nothing to not like about children’s party! They are the best! Wow, you are from Guiguinto? We hope we can check out their Halamanan Festival soon! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you. My mum will be delighted to know that you commend her photography skills! πŸ™‚

  7. How fun, exciting and cute! I decided to ask my 7-year old son your question and this is his answer (he is in 2nd grade): The pinatas! None of my kids have had parties; we tend to keep it small due to it just being me and myself being the parent. One day I hope I will be able to afford one but, my kids enjoy what we do together at least.

    1. Pinatas are great! We were not able to have one during my party, though. It is difficult to be a solo parent, but I am sure your kids appreciate all the efforts you put in. I know I would! πŸ™‚

  8. Honestly, the absolute best part about parties is the cake. I mean, who doesn’t like cake? Second best part are the presents, I always like to watch them being opened, it’s just as exciting as playing with them!

    1. Yes, cakes are fun, unfortunately, I do not eat cake! Opening presents is also my absolute favorite! ^_^

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