Move to Singapore with Kids. But, read this first…

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As the world is well-aware, Singapore is a good choice for immigrants who have kids to move to. With much-needed cleanliness and health care advancements, it boasts lots of activities that aren’t found in any other country. The immigration consultancy in Singapore One Visa states the country has top-notch public transport and has ranked Singapore as the best in life quality it offers. If you’re planning on such a move, read this article to know more about the subject matter…

Arranging Babysitters

Most of the expatriates in Singapore are found to be recruiting maids for aiding them with their household matters. We can see that it’s quite inexpensive to hire these people when compared to their recruitment in other parts. But, the issue here is that you won’t get them very easily, as part-time workers aren’t easily found, so it’s vital to find someone as early as possible; otherwise, you should look for some childcare centers in your neighborhood.

It’s Hot!

The most important thing to consider before getting a dependant pass for your family is the heat. As the place is just one degree North of the equator, sun rays are found to hit at their hardest. Unimaginably, the temperature will be twenty-five to thirty-three degrees and the humidity is above the nineties! This is something that is unbearable to most outsiders, especially those from the West; therefore, it’s wise to seek a house with a pool. Whenever you find a condo, be sure to check whether it has friendly amenities for your kids. Also, learn how to beat the heat by reading some expat articles and journals that are found online.

No Doubt about Fun

There are some water play areas in and around the city, which can be a good destination for the kids. There are also some stores specifically designed for kids inside shopping malls. Besides these, there are other destinations like ‘Gardens by the Bay’ where there is a huge playing area with lots of equipment. You can also take them kiting and bike riding at various places, and yes, there is a Botanic Gardens, theme parks, zoos, studios, and a lot more.

kids, travel, tips and tricks

Networking with Expat Parents

One of the best ways to learn about expat parenting is to network with other parents; they are the best people to share their experiences with. This applies to those who are first-time visitors and I’d ask you to take the right path and form a network of parents like you. You can even become a member of some clubs specific to your home country. This exposure will educate you a lot about life in Singapore.

Quality Education

If you’re the parent of an older child, education is a big concern. Here, you need not worry about quality education because it’s popular for offering top education all over the globe. Your child will be able to achieve a lot while, at the same time, being groomed up as a well-behaved human. But, the issue is about the competition. The popular schools are in huge demand and you should contact them as early as possible.

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Given the reasons cited above, I guess it is safe to assume that Singapore is, indeed, a good place to move to if you have children. Personally, I look forward to visiting the place one day with mum and dad, and see the zoo, the Botanic Gardens, the Flyer, and Universal Studios! 🙂

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