5 Cute Hairstyles For Girls

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One of the things that a mum with little girls has to deal with on a daily basis is how to style their little darling’s hair before she set off to school or go about her day-to-day girl activities. Of course, mum knows that a cool hairstyle can make or break her girl’s day so it is up to her to make sure she is all made up and sporting the coolest hairstyle at any given time.

Here are a few easy and cute hairstyles for little girls your mum might want to consider doing next:

Banded Bob

For girls with short ‘dos, and for very small girls, win your daughter’s heart by adding some level of cuteness to her bob with a lovely headband with flowers or big bows. 

Classic Bun

Ideal for just about any hair length, a bun is not only fast and practical to do, it is also stylish. Perfect for active girls who loves running around, this style will allow her to go about her many activities and concentrate in her class without her hair getting in the way. You can add some twist into the classic bun by sprucing it up with a couple of your little girl’s hair clips and other accessories.

Half Crown Braid

Any girl will look and feel lovely with a half crown braid. Easier to make than a full crown braid, this style is just as beautiful and takes only half the time. Add a lovely ribbon or hair tie with bows and your little girl is good to go. If you plan to go for full braid styles but is are pressed for time, you can always make your girl try one of these ready-made braiding hair designs.

Messy Half Up

Just like the bun, a half-up style is ideal for any length of hair. Throw in your own touch to this classic hairstyle by loosening a few strands of your daughter’s hair and let it fall to the side of her face, adding some feminine and dainty touch to this fun and practical style.

Loose Fishtail Braid

For girls with longer hair, a fishtail braid is a lovely style to try. This is great for any occasion or for a regular school day, too. Add a spin to this style by loosening the braid a bit for a little windblown effect.

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