Simple Things Every Parent Can Do To Help Little Kids Learn At Home

Teaching can both be fun and difficult, much like learning. When kids are little, they can easily learn by simply observing and repeating what they hear. Let them watch for a couple of minutes, and they’ll be able to soak knowledge like a sponge.

Once they start school, however, parents tend to pass the full responsibility of teaching their children. What we may not know is that hands-on teaching at home can greatly affect a child’s learning ability, resulting in a better performance in school. But with the busy world we live in and all the things our kids have to learn in school, how is it possible?

You don’t need all the time the world to teach kids. However, there are simple ways on how you can help your children learn at the comforts of your home, some of which are the following:

Set a timely schedule for school-related activities

Being organized is the best way to teach children on how to be a responsible young adult. By dedicating a specific time in a day for doing homework, studying or doing projects, learning won’t stop and they’ll be able to retain more learnings. They’ll eventually get into the daily routine which is essential as more knowledge will be taught to them as they progress.

Read bedtime stories to them

Do you know that by telling your child a bedtime story, they are able to learn about essay writing, listening comprehension and reading comprehension? By asking questions, they’ll be able to identify which part is the beginning, body, and ending of the story. By asking them to repeat the story, you’re teaching them how to summarize, and by reading with them, they get to learn how to read and pronounce words the right way.

Ask your child to tell you the things he can observe

You can stay just outside your home or when you’re on your way home from school to do this. For example, by seeing different colored leaves in different seasons, you can talk about photosynthesis. When you show them the different clouds from your windows, you can teach them about each type of cloud. When you’re sorting out groceries, show them the fruits and vegetables and ask them to identify the colors and which belongs to what group.

Learn during bath time

Baths with children can be a fun-filled activity which is a perfect opportunity for learning. Show them different items, ask what sinks and what floats, and explain the reason why. Ask them about letters seen on bottles found in the bathroom and see if they know which letters they know. Let them identify if soaps, shampoo, loofah, towels, and conditioners are solid or liquid.

Do experiments together

By mixing paint colors, you can teach them how to create other colors besides from the primary ones. By mixing ingredients like solid to solid, liquid to liquid or solid to liquid, you are able to show them what possible reaction can occur based on the ingredients used.

Help them with their homework

A little help comes a long way, and knowing what topics your kids are now studying will give you a glimpse of what they now know and can do. Show your child you support him or her by spending some quality time while teaching and guiding them with homework.

Hire a friendly tutor for topics or subjects beyond your grasp

You won’t always have time to teach your children, nor will you understand or be able to explain all of the things they are studying in school, and that’s okay. Don’t shy away from asking for professional help. There are many reputable tuition agencies in Singapore such as SmileTutor, where you can easily engage a tutor.

You can find every opportunity to teach your children at home without breaking a sweat. You just need to know how to do so and how to make it fun.

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