8 Reasons Why Baguio Is The Ultimate City Of Dreams

Baguio is known for its exceptionally cold weather. But the weather alone is not enough to describe the mesmerizing beauty of the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

A boasting city enveloped in vast greeneries and lush mountains are dreamy as it can be. With its harmonious blend of convenience and tranquility, it’s hard to resist the urge to stay in Baguio City for good.

The Culture is So Alive

From the laid-back architecture to its cheerful vibe, the culture in Baguio is undoubtedly alive. Just last year, Baguio has been hailed as a “Creative City” by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization {UNESCO} due to its unique crafts and artisanal finds.

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The rich culture in Baguio is celebrated in every part of the city. The Bencab Museum displaying indigenous art exhibits, and the Baguio Museum featuring the city’s history and cultural heritage. The restaurants are also teeming with the distinct Baguio charm. One of which is the Arcas Yard Cafe at Ambuklao which is a cafe, a mini-museum, and a library all at once. There’s also the Forest House Restaurant near Camp John Hay that serves the best steaks in the city, combined with a stunning ambiance of wooden interior and magnificent views.

Healthier Lifestyle

Baguio city is a haven for fresh fruits and vegetables. A stroll in Baguio City Public Market is an experience like no other. It’s bursting with colors, fresh fruits, and glistening vegetables that you could literally eat on the spot. If you are struggling to keep a healthy lifestyle, living in Baguio is the perfect city for you. You can find plenty of vegetables and fruits in almost every street in Baguio, and you’d be surprised by how cheap they are!

Amazing Food

Due to the influx of tourists in Baguio, tons of food establishments had also flooded the city.  A true foodie haven, Baguio is definitely bursting with awesome food in various cuisines to choose from.

Experience an elegant Baguio Breakfast at Le Chef’s breakfast buffet with its spectacular garden as your view, dine in a locally bred restaurant serving fresh Baguio vegetables at a very affordable price at Good Taste Restaurant, watch how to make them the best brick oven pizza in Baguio before taking a bite at the Amare La Cucina, or chill with good food and delicious beer with your friends at the Baguio Craft Brewery. In Baguio, you’ll never run out of new restaurants to try!

The Best Coffee and Coffee Experience

Taking your cup of coffee inside an airconditioned room isn’t as enjoyable as sitting outside with a view of towering pine trees and a brush of cold breeze through your face. Baguio promises the most satisfying coffee experience with a combination of its cold weather, extraordinary laid-back ambiance and its delicious Benguet coffee.

Start your mornings right at the best coffee shops in Baguio such as the Cafe by the Ruins and Hillstation at Upper Session Road and the Starbucks Coffee Shop branch at Camp John Hay Ayala Techno Hub.

Complete Amenities and Boosting City Life

You don’t have to worry about leaving the extravagant city life in the Metro because Baguio can offer you an amazing city life experience as well. Numerous shopping malls, hospitals, business developments, condominiums, bars, and educational institutions are spurring all around the city. Baguio never falls short of your city life cravings.

travel, out + about, travel tips, tips + tricks, traveling in the Philippines

Nothing Beats its Ambiance

Despite the fact that Baguio city is boosting with city life, it seems to remain so incredibly calm and peaceful unlike the usual hustle and bustle in Metro Manila. With breathtaking views of lush greeneries by day and stunning city lights by night, what more could you ask for? With this ambiance, you’d rather skip the taxi and walk on the lively streets, take in the fresh air and admire the unmatched beauty of this city.

Thrift Shops are Everywhere

Literally everywhere. Baguio is famous for its rampant thrift shops. Where else can you buy an array of great jackets and boots at an affordable price? Thanks to “ukay-ukay” and you are sure to have a collection of these to beat the Baguio weather. The Night Market at Harrison road has also become a major tourist attraction in the city. With a stretch of street foods, good quality clothing, shoes, and more at a cheap price, the night market can be incredibly populated. But residents and tourists still flock the area for shopping and food tripping.

Lots of Fun Activities To Do

Take your family or friends out on weekends with the multitude of activities Baguio has to offer. Get your adrenaline on at the Tree Top adventure, take in a little sweat and go biking at the famous Burnham Park, relax on a picnic at the Camp John Hay grounds, or take a dip in the Hot springs of Asin. If you are craving for a bit of heat or a quick getaway, Baguio is just a 2-hour drive to the gorgeous beaches of “Elyu” or La Union.

Baguio is truly captivating, capturing the hearts of so many people who keep coming back to this ultimate city of dreams.

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    1. Always a hit with families with children. My little one was raving about it long after our trip was over and has been bugging me since then to come back! 😀

  1. We miss the old Baguio – cool weather and the smell of crisp pine trees. Lately we dread going there due to traffic and polution. The city is also over crowded especially on long holidays/ weekends.

    1. I agree with you. Maybe because people from everywhere are going to Baguio at the same time. Better to visit during off-peak season to avoid traffic and big crowd.

    1. We love Baguio, too. This little man cannot wait to go back. Hopefully, we can go sooner 🙂

    1. We’ve been here several years ago pa. It is a bit traffic on some parts but definitely unlike that of Metro Manila’s.

    1. I think they are building a Sky Ranch beside SM Baguio. Should be interesting to see it, too.

  2. I have been to Baguio many times but have not seen the Bencab! There’s so much more I need to see there and everything you wrote made me even more excited!

    1. Yes, 3 days are never enough to see and explore everything. The Bencab Museum is a must, do not forget to go to Cafe Sabel while you are there, too! 🙂

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