Out + About: Visiting The National Museum of Natural History

We went to the National History of Natural Museum in Manila during our school field trip last month. This is my favorite of all the places we visited that time. The other attractions we went to are Car Museum at the Quezon City Memorial Circle, Lights and Sounds Museum in Intramuros, + Manila Ocean Park.

There are a lot of interesting displays and exhibits at the museum. I enjoy looking at the different bird species found in our country. I also love the Philippine physical map they have on display. It reminded me so much of those scenes in films and shows on the tellie that shows generals or leaders discussing their plan of attack to their men! ^_^

They also have interactive displays like this one which registers heat signature from the palm of anyone who touches it, + this microscope where you can check a slide. My classmates + I took turns peeking through the microscope and see what was on the slide.

I also love this huge white, tree-like display at the center of the museum. Mum took photos of it with her phone. I also tried taking photos using our new Instax Mini but I guess I need to practice taking photos with it because most of the ones I took are either too dark or too exposed all you will see is white light.

I truly enjoyed our visit to the National History of Natural Museum. I also had fun running through the ramps that goes all the way from the first to the top floor of the museum. I just wish I had enough time to read all that is written on the displays. I asked mum if we can visit this place again next time so we can get to see the many exhibits one more time.

Have you been to the National History of Natural Museum? What is your favorite display?

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