Children: 6 Fun Eco-Friendly Activities To Do With The Kids

Children learn better and faster when they are having fun. Introducing new concepts to them, like being eco-friendly, is best accompanied with fun activities for a better learning experience.

Do you know the old adage that goes, “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”? It is a must to raise eco-friendly children who will nurture and protect the environment in the future.

Here are a number of fun eco-friendly activities you can do with your children to get them to love and enjoy nature:

Take a Walk

Walking is one of the many enjoyable eco-friendly activities you can do with your kids. It is not only a good form of exercise, it is also a good way to expose them to nature. Walk under the sun for some much-needed Vitamin D. Explore together and teach them to appreciate the world around them.

Go to the Beach + Swim

Swimming at the beach is another fun way to expose children to nature. Let them swim and enjoy the water for hours. Going to the beach does not only expose them to nature, but also gives them the benefit of soaking in salty sea water. When they grow tired of swimming, let them walk at the beach and enjoy the sand as much as they can.

Grow your Own Garden

Growing your own garden is probably one of the best eco-friendly activities to do with children. It will not only instill in them the value of eating vegetables but also the importance of growing them themselves. Learning to garden and tend to plants is a life skill that would come handy at any point in their lives. It is also therapeutic and will help them deal with anxiety and depression later on in life.

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Fly a Kite

Spending time outdoors to fly a kite will allow your children to appreciate nature around him. He will be aware of the trees and plants nearby, the animals on the ground, as well as the vast blue skies above him. When you raise him to love the outdoors, he will most definitely enjoy doing other eco-friendly activities to help save the nature he so enjoys.

Ride a Bike

Nothing is more exciting than learning to ride a bike for the first time. Teaching your child to ride a bike will surely be among the top eco-friendly activities you can do. You can also make this a teachable moment and discuss about sustainable energy in simple words they can understand. Later on, you can both research about the topic online, and watch videos and visit related websites, like Douglas Healy. On some other days, you may also opt to ride a public transport, like the train, to teach them further about energy and its concepts.

Read Books on the Environment

Another way to teach children about the environment is to read books about the subject. Stock up on these best environmental books for children and let them enjoy and have the time of their life while learning all about the environment and how to help preserve it.

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