Tips + Tricks: 3 Ways To Upgrade Your Windows

The windows are very essential parts of our home. They set the over-all look of our living quarters as well as improve the ventilation and the ambience inside. Of course, given its location, these part of our homes would require regular cleaning and upgrade to keep them up-to-date and in tip top shape.

Upgrading to new set of windows regularly can be costly, here are a few ways you can do so without breaking the bank:

Install screens

Installing new screens on your windows is a cost-effective way to upgrade your home and update its look. Most screens are installed to ward of small insects like mosquitoes and flies, while others are installed for special purposes like collecting condesation. Then there are also others, like scree printing, which are mainly for decorative purposes.

Window Screening products range from nylon, polyester, aluminum, or fiberglass. You can opt for the most appropriate type to install on your windows based on their functionalities.

Add curtains and blinds

Depending on your preference, you may also add curtains or blinds to your windows for an instant upgrade. There is an assortment of curtains to choose from based on the fabric type, length, color, or design of your choice. Plain blackout drapes in colors are most ideal to use in the bedroom, to block off any lights at night for an even better sleep. Sheer floral curtains, on the other hand, are very ideal to add into your living room or kitchen as they will not block out the light from outdoors but still give your space a homey vibe.

Upgrading to energy-efficient window glass

Having huge windows that offer plenty of natural light and sufficient ventilation is energy-efficient in itself. You can save a lot by not having to opt to turn on the air-conditioning or the lights during daytime. But upgrading to window glasses that can block out the harmful UV rays from the sun is also a most practical decision as it offers additional protection for your sofa, carpert, or your art collection as UV rays can cause fading on fabric, upholstery, or paintings.

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