colors, colors, colors!

toys, play

i have accumulated quite a few number of toys in my almost-two-years of life. mum + dad do not really buy me that often, only on special occasions or when we find something that i really like. plus, i also have some that are gifted to me on my first birthday!


here are a few of my favorite things, my toys, in a joyful array of lively + lovely colors! i simply love the burst of colors! orange, white, black, blue, red + yellow! my toys include my soccer ball, my car, my shape sorter, some balls, blocks + eggs, to name a few 😀

what has been coloring your world lately? share your color connection tales with us here:


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orange tigger beddings

yup, finally mum got around to making an orange post in time for orange tuesdays! i actually have quite a number of orange stuffs to my name + this will be one great way to showcase them 😀

so, on with today’s color sharing…


this was a photo of me june of last year (notice i was a tad smaller in it? :)) i was in my crib/playpen which was covered by my orange/white tigger beddings, most of which is hidden under my tummy. apart from the sheet covers, it has a matching comforter, a tiny pillow + 2 little bolsters. this was gifted by my ninang chris + tita cherry (mums’ friends) when i was baptized 😉

soon enough, i will no longer fit into this + when I move from my crib/playpen, I’ll have to look for another bed. mums said if you’re looking for a new bed you might as well buy online at, where there is a large range to check out.

got any orange stuff to share, join us here:


When I move from my crib/playpen, I’ll have to look for another bed.  If you’re looking for a new bed then why not <a href=“”>

buy online</a> at, where there is a large range to check out.
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kids in doodles 05: mailman jared

mailman bag, kids

trying this on for size

we were just lazily passing the time away in our room when  mum made me try her bag on (it was a moss green northface messenger or mailman bag)  to see how i’d look like wearing one. i guess she liked what she saw cause she instantly grabbed the camera + started taking these snapshots. i guess it got her all excited to see me in my school stuffs 😀

well, school is several more years down the road, i guess for now mum + i can just play pretend that i am a schoolboy or a mailman. or maybe i can convince her to buy me a bag that actually fits me! what do you think? 😀

mailman bag, kids

sharing this kids-in-doodles moment here:

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