Neutral Color Choices for a Baby’s Room

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With a little one on the way, there is no detail of the baby’s room a parent won’t consider carefully. Everything from the baby bedding to the door knobs is sure to be carefully appraised. One of the key decorating choices is the color of the walls, furniture and fabrics of the room. While parents want to give their child’s room personality, reselling a home with powerful colors may prove challenging. However, careful thought can lead parents to colors that are easy to change and appropriate for a child’s room.

Bedding is a key means to introduce color into a room without changing the room itself. Consider solid colors and textured fabrics to add zest to a baby’s room. For more flare, animal print bedding has become popular in recent years. For children who are a little older and have favorite movies and tv-shows, story-time bedding is another option for adding personality to a child’s room.

Painting the furniture or changing door and drawer knobs can dramatically alter the character of a room. Traditionally, boys’ rooms are colored blue or green, while girls’ rooms can be pink or yellow. However, there are no hard rules, and parents are encouraged to choose colors that please their children. Hardware in the room, whether on doors, windows or furniture, can provide an important accent to the colors on the walls and bedding as well.

Parents should focus on the bedding and furniture of a baby’s room for the best decorative results. Changing the color of walls can add much character, but risks making the room non-neutral and more difficult to sell. However, the furniture and baby bedding can be used to add character to a room without altering the room itself.

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grimms’ fairy tale on google doodle

Google doodles,

would you believe me when i tell you that i can now look for the google icon on our computer and look for the youtube tab where i watch my favorite cartoons + this amazing cars collection, too? better believe it!  🙂

anyways, i was doing exactly that this morning when mum noticed the cool interactive google doodle that was up on their site. it was all about grimms’ fairy tales and this collection of stories are celebrating its 200th birthday today! can you believe that?

the grimms’ brothers must have enjoyed collecting all those famous fairy tales in europe, + compiling them in one book. a lot of famous classic fairy tales are in this collection, including hansel and gretel, rumpelstiltskin, little red riding hood, + one of our favorites, rapunzel {thanks to the disney movie adaptation, which i have seen numerous times with mum :)}  maybe i should ask mum to look for these books so we can read them together.

love the doodle, i would’ve played it over + over, if mum wasn’t too busy tinkering on our computer.

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colorful balloons

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i love balloons! if you’ve read this post you will have known how much i enjoy playing with them. just imagine how really happy i am to see all these mini balloons in one place. they are really colorful and pretty fun to look at. i just wish i get to play with them too. i guess the game involves popping those balloons by throwing something sharp on them. it was a good thing not too many kiddos are around at the time to play balloon-popping so i was able to strike this pose.

i’d rather pose with these beautiful balloons than pop them, really, as the sound they make when they pop startle me most of the time. hopefully next time they will  have count-the-balloons game instead! 😉

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4 Habits that Are Killing Your Budget

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Habits, good or bad, can be incredibly hard to break, but there are a few that may be doing some major damage to your budget. It’s worth spending some time (and maybe even money) to break these habits to free up some cash in your monthly budget.

all those grown-up stuffs, budget


Not only is smoking terrible for your health and the health of those around you, it’s incredibly expensive. In major cities, packs can go for upwards of $10 and at a pack a day, that is around $300 each month or $3,600 each year. Essentially, if you give up smoking, you’ll be giving yourself a $5,000 annual raise (before taxes). That’s not even including all of the additional savings you’ll gain from better health, fewer doctor’s visits, and fewer missed days from work.

Biting your nails

If you bite your nails, not only will your fingers hurt and you’ll find yourself with more hangnails, but you may be accustomed to going to the nail salon to get them fixed from time to time. While a manicure and pedicure can be a nice treat once in a while, it’s expensive to make it a regular occurrence. A manicure/pedicure costs anywhere from $20 – $40, a huge budget buster if you’re going on a regular basis!

Skipping the gym

Working out is great for your health, both physical and mental. However, be realistic if you have a gym membership that isn’t getting any use and just cancel it. The gym appreciates the fact that it’s making a lot of money off of your monthly membership fee but your wallet won’t!

Eating out

Whether it’s your daily lunch, cup of coffee or takeout dinner after a long day of work, having someone else make you something that you could otherwise make yourself at home is always going to cost you more money.

Take a look at all of these expenses and see if you can’t make a few small changes that will add up and help you save big!

Anne Perkins is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes financial savings tips for QuickQuid – the cash advance lender, and enjoys taking any idea and making it easier or cheaper to complete.

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kids in doodles: happy halloween!

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it is a monday once again + it is time for another round of doodles but before anything else, here is a round up last week’s kids in doodles participant:

♥ read about sam’s 7th birthday celebration

♥ check out another birthday celebrant in iris joehanna’s world

that out of the way, time to share with you about our topic for this week: happy halloween! 

kids in doodles, Halloween, occasions

 i bet every little boy + girl like me are in a frenzy because of the halloween. have you gone to many trick or treats already? have you decided which scary or fancy costume to wear? i’ve gone to one whimsical halloween party over the weekend + i’ve seen superheroes + princes + princesses at the party. a halloween party without anything to scare any kid out is quite a welcome break! too bad we were not able to get a costume for me since it was raining most of the time last week + we were not able to check out shops to buy anything. so i just wore my favorite lightning mcqueen shirt to the party. check out the fun photos mum took 😉

kids in doodles, Halloween, occasions

i particularly had a wonderful time. the place is really magical. they have beautiful drawings of a car + a bus on the wall, which i can help but check out again + again! i also enjoyed dancing to the beats that were playing all through out the party +  had a lot of fun playing with other children, as well, even when i was not officially joining the parlor games 🙂 even mum had a grand time decorating our halloween cake! i even get to take home a pumpkin basket full of goldilocks goodies! 😉

if halloween parties are this fun, i think i can get used to them! 😀

time for you to share your stories about halloween + if you have photos of you in fun + scary costumes, feel free to share that, too! do not forget to include one of the badges here on your post + to link it up with us. visit our other playmates, too + do not forget to leave comments on their doodles, as well!

that’s about it. i shall wait for your posts then + happy halloween boys + girls!

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