my new book: daisy’s pet project

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we  got this book earlier this year when mum + i went to mv logo’s hope in march. mickey mouse + his gang is my most favorite at the time so mum got me this one!

this book is all about the mickey mouse clubhouse pet parade + how his gang helped daisy in finding a pet of her own to bring to the parade.

donald brought her a baby elephant + daiy named her ruthie. the mickey mouse gang helped daisy bathe her with the aid of the rubber duckies from the mouseketool. goofy brought a giraffe + they measured its height by stacking blocks from the mouseketool.  minnie, on the other hand, brought a pet bunny  which she found eating carrots in the garden.

the gang had such great fun at the parade + minnie brought along all her 3 pets!

it should be fun having pets. i’d love to have a dog, a cat or a fish. how about you, what pet would you fancy having?

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kids in doodles: silence please, the little boy is reading

kids in doodles, kids, reading, books

last december mum bought me these disney graphic novels from one of those sites that sells vouchers, it was a set of 6 disney graphic novels that sells for half the price. it was suppose to be one of mum’s christmas gifts for me, but we were able to get it only last week, so i guess it was a belated valentine’s gift from mum 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, reading, books, my favorite thingskids in doodles, kids, toddlers, reading, my favorite things, books

my 6 graphic novels include my favorites, cars, together with up, toy story 2, wall-e, the princess + the frog + ratatouille. mum was so amused that when they gave me my new books for me to check out, i was sitting in complete silence for more than half an hour, with my nose buried on lightning mcqueen’s very first adventure. 🙂

kids in doodles, kids, toddlers, reading, my favorite things, books

mum said i looked like a grown up child who is actually reading the comic book, instead of just browsing through the illustration. with a photo like this, who can really tell, right? 😉 as of now, me + my cars graphic novel is inseparable + it is the first thing i ask for when i wake up in the morning, except for my milk, of course 😀

it is your turn to share your doodles stories with us. grab a badge here + do not forget to visit as many participants as you can. + while you’re here, do join our cloud b twilight turtle giveaway, right? 🙂

good night everyone 🙂

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my orange story book

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mum got me this book before i was even born, + has been reading it to me since i was a little baby. dad also read it to me on few occasions. this book is a classic story written by beatrix potter about timmy tiptoes. it tells about his + his wife’s adventure on gathering food in preparation for the winter season. something bad happened + timmy end up spending the rest of winter inside a tree with some other animals.

i don’t think i should tell you the whole story, you better get a copy + read it for yourself, it will be a fun read, i promise. but it’s even better if you get your parents to read it for you {like me, since i cannot read just yet ;D}

this was a secondhand copy, by the way, mum got it from one of her favorite bookshops, booksale {which she said she used to frequent when she was pregnant with me} + according to the first page of the book, this once belonged to a certain girl named maddie jane 🙂

did you read any interesting books lately? 🙂

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my orange tiger book

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one of my favorite books to read now is this one which has a big photo of a tiger in it {maybe because i have seen tigers in real life, + they are just amazing!} this was gifted to me by mum’s blogger friend, tita joy, along with the musical toy eggs, which she sent a few months ago. my word for tiger is katu + mum is saying i probably thought the tiger is just a big cat 🙂

this book tells of a story of a little cub who pretends to be a big tiger when he plays. he imitates the bigger tigers in the way they move + whenever he plays, too. he even pretends to be a grown up tiger even when he sleeps.

i guess it is really part of our little kids’ playtime, even for people + animals, to pretend to be someone else other that ourselves. it makes the play more fun + lets our imaginations grow, too! 🙂

books, kids, animals, orange

i love the color of this book, too. it is a combination of white + orange. most of the book looks much like this adorable cover.

this is my orange share for this week, what is yours? 😉

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kids in doodles: me + my little red book

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mum bought me this little red flap book a few months back + i did not get around to share it with you here. it is a hard-bound tiny book with unusual photos in it. when you thumb through the hard pages, you will see shadows after shadows. this is because you have to flap open the shadows on top to reveal the true photos beneath. mum bought this one with familiar images from home like a baby’s bathtub, crib + sippy cup.

Kids In Doodles, books, play, kids

we were just not able to visit the bookstore again, but mum promised to buy another one of these books {i think there are 4 different kinds}. i just love books  even if i do not know how to read yet. i love looking at pictures, chewing at the pages {especially when i was little}, + they also make for good alternative toy cars, i just simply run their spines on any flat surface + am all set 😉

this is my share for this week’s:

Kids in Doodleswe are still pinch-hitting for mommy willa who will be Philippine-bound very, very soon. i hope you can still join us + share your Kids In Doodles stories with us 🙂

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