watching how to train your dragon 2 at home

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my how to train your dragon 2 happy meal toys are out to hang out with me so we can watch the film together. mum downloaded a very clear copy of the film online + i was really excited to see it again. we were able to catch it when it was shown in the cinemas about 2 months ago, but a film this good needs to be seen again + again! ^_^

movies, collection, my favorite things, toys, happy meal toys

lucky we were able to complete all 7 happy meal toys just in time, otherwise, toothless won’t get to sit beside us on the sofa so he can see how cool he was in the film, challenging the very huge alpha dragon so he can defend his friend, hiccup! isn’t toothless the most awesome dragon of all? with those retractable teeth + amazing blue flames, to boot!

movies, collection, my favorite things, toys, happy meal toys

for those of you who are not familiar with the lovable dragons from this film, let me introduce you to:

  • hookfang, that red dragon with wide wings {first photo}
  • cloudjumper is the blue-and-green dragon, while the one with a shooter is bewilderbeast
  • that 2-headed dragon is belch + barf, which are also ridden by twin riders, ruffnut + tuffnut
  • that purple-yellow cutey is baby scattleclaws
  • of course you all know toothless + his best bud, hiccup, right?
  • grump is the orange one
  • + the orange-and-green dragon is terrible terror

well, i hope you enjoy meeting my dragon toys + do check out their film if you haven’t seen it yet, right? 😉


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my lego movie happy meal cups

happy meal toys, toys, collection

i really enjoyed watching the lego movie, that is why i really had a great time collecting the happy meal lego cups! with mum + dad’s help i was able to get all the designs and complete my collection!  :Pleasure: 

happy meal toys, toys, collection

the different lego cups design includes: {1} emmet, {2} batman, {3} uni kitty, {4} wyldstyle, {5} vitruvius, good cop/bad cop, {6} lord business/president business and {7} metal beard. now i’ve got 7 new cups + i use them daily whenever i drink water + juices. emmet + batman are my most fave among the bunch.  :Happy-Grin:

my letter l share for #atozchallenge:

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b is for blu

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did you watch the last rio movie? then i am sure you all know who blu is! he is the cool blue bird in that film, the main character, who was removed from his natural habitat in rio di janeiro and was fortunately found by his taker linda. blu can do a lot of amazing things like opening a computer, skating, reading but apparently he does not know how to fly.

the first rio movie is all about blu’s adventure when he went back to rio di janeiro to meet with jewel. they were the last of their kind + they were supposed to make baby birds together so there will be more blue macaw in rio. these beautiful birds are being captured and sold overseas at a hefty price.

i have seen the film a few times + i really love it! that is why i am excited to see its sequel which will be shown on local cinemas starting 09 april. will you be watching it, too?

by the way, did you know that they also have free rio2 toys at jollibee? i ate there earlier with mum + my classmates after our swimming class. mum got me two toys, blu + rafael. now am only missing the last one, which is a new character in the film, geri the frog.

my second entry for this year’s #atozchallenge:

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from my mailbox: 3d panda postcard from japan

pandas are really adorable animals + i would really want to see them in person one day. but in the meantime, i guess this 3d panda postcard i got from japan is just as wonderful. aren’t they lovely? the 2 panda heads move up + down when i shake the card + i find that amazing + entertaining, too! 🙂

this card was sent by tita clang, one of mum’s friends who love postcrossing! thank you for sending this to me, i really love it. apart from the card, the iwaki postmark is also beautiful. mum adore the twin stars stamp you included! ^_^

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from my mailbox: astro boy postcard

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check out this cool astro boy postcard we got last year. it came from malaysia + mum got it from one of her direct swaps. she loves swapping for postcards with cartoon characters, especially those that she’s sure i will love. we have just watched the astro boy movie so i was introduced to this character. mum said astro boy was already in existence when she was a young boy + there used to be an animated series of him shown on the telly weekly.

i enjoyed watching the astro boy film so i really loved it when we got this postcard. i am sure i will enjoy the cartoon series just as much, hopefully they will come up with a new one or that they would re-release the old series.

do you also love collecting postcards? let me know which interesting cards you received in your mailbox recently + if you’d like to swap with me, right?

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