hi july!

greetings, July

we barely notice the month of june floating away because mum + i were both busy with school + everything that i had to do related to it. before the school year started, we were busy preparing all my school stuff + the supplies we had to bring to school. when my classes started, we were both occupied to make it to school on time. on most times we were successful but there are also time we fail to make it in time for the flag ceremony or when the school bell rang for my first class but i am sure we will get the hang of it very soon.

july will probably be another exciting month + i do hope i get to learn a lot more in school + finally make friends, too! i also hope we have a couple of outdoor adventures on weekend if the weather will allow. i am sure mum can also throw in a couple of posts here from time to time.

i hope you will have an equally interesting + exciting july, do tell me about yours in a comment below. cheers!


image from webgranth.com

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happy father’s day!

our fathers are the best man in our lives. he is one of our first best friends, our favorite playmates + pal to play games with + watch our favorite films with. he is simply awesome. he is our hero + our role model. he is our inspiration to be a better man when we get older.

to all the fathers out there. to my papa in heaven, to my titos who are so much like fathers to me. + especially to my dad…

happy father’s day to you all!  :Pleasure:

p.s. check out this cool doodle google made just in time for the occasion!

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happy independence day!

occasions, greetings, Google doodles

i bet you’ve already seen the new google doodle in time for the philippine’s independence day celebration? it is very colorful + depicts the philippine culture of bayahinan + even had the philippine flag in it.

i have yet to know all about the story of our independence + i cannot wait for mum to tell me all about  + learn all about it in school, but i am betting it is equally colorful as the doodle google prepared especially for the occasion.

happy independence day!  :Cheers:

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happy birthday daddy!

greetings, birthdays, occasions, daddy

it is my daddy’s birthday today + i would like to greet him a happy one!

thank you daddy for bringing me to the arcade to play my favorite games + riding all the awesome rides! thank you for spending time with me + mummy. thank you for downloading all my favorite games + teaching me how to play them. thank you for watching all those great movies with me + for downloading loads of films we can watch at home over + over again !

thank you for being a cool dad + for letting me be! thank you for everything you do for me + mum + for supporting us + loving us. thank you for everything dad! i wish you all the best + that may God bless you more!

happy birthday daddy! i love you so much! 


image is from freedigitalphotos.net

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kids in doodles: kung hei fat choi

kids in doodles, out + about, occasions, chinese new year, greetings, weekend

it was chinese new year yesterday + mum brought me to where all the exciting things happen at this time of year, the chinese community in manila, to experience this celebration first-hand. it was both our first time + even when we were all tired after the day, it was one amazing experience i know we will be doing again. 🙂

kids in doodles, out + about, occasions, chinese new year, greetings, weekend

the place was teeming with people everywhere + mum had to remind me loads of times not to wander off + just hold on to her hand while we walk along the people-laden streets lest i might get lost. we first visited the church in tondo before meeting the group of people the we are suppose to be doing the chinese new year walk. this is where mum bought me this snake-shaped balloon, which we had to throw away later on when it got a hole + won’t float anymore….:(

we saw a number of dragon + lion dances, some even has fireworks that went along with the dance exhibition. we did see a number of lucky charms sold by the streets, along with chinese food, fruits, tikoy + other merchandise. mum did not really look around to shop for anything except for some flavored hopia in one of the stores there.

kids in doodles, out + about, occasions, chinese new year, greetings, weekend

one of the highlights of our tour will have to be the chinese temple stop where mum + i tried lighting some incense and praying, too. it was our first time to be inside a temple. + did you know that this cool temple, apart from a number of huge photos of saints and whatnots, also has free pop corn + ice cream served to all the visitors. i enjoyed the pop corn! 🙂

we saw a number of animals, too, in the restaurant where we had our late lunch. it was a little zoo of some sorts, with an alligator, a turtle and a number of fishes in big tanks. it was a feast to look at.

kids in doodles, out + about, occasions, chinese new year, greetings, weekend

even though we were tired after a day’s tour, it was well worth it + we might just be going back next year for another exciting chinese new year adventure!

time for you to share your chinese new year adventure with us {it is okay if you have another story to tell, as well}, add one of these badges + link up. try visiting the other players, too, to make our game twice the fun! i shall wait for your entries then. 

by the way, last week’s kids in doodles linky will be open for a couple of hours more, so you might want to link up there, too! 😉

here’s to a happy week ahead + kung hei fat choi everyone! 😀

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