kids in doodles: postcards + a baby


my mum recently discovered a new hobby – collecting postcards! + every week the mailman would come around our place dropping a stack of postcards for her. just like last week. she was to put me to sleep for my afternoon nap + started checking out her newly received postcards, when i thought of something exciting to do!

kids, postcards

i went up from bed + snatched the stack of cards from my mum + went back to bed! of course, she can only shake her head in disapproval. i was looking at the cards one by one. mum said, they have these lovely pictures of places like new york in the u.s.a. + some interesting places in the philippines, too! like baguio + cagayan de oro. she also said she hopes we can visit those places in the future!

i guess my mum liked that i enjoyed checking out her postcards since she quickly took out the camera + snatched some photos of me. as long as i promise not to tear the postcards apart, i think mum will let me play with them some more 😉

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kids in doodles 05: mailman jared

mailman bag, kids

trying this on for size

we were just lazily passing the time away in our room when  mum made me try her bag on (it was a moss green northface messenger or mailman bag)  to see how i’d look like wearing one. i guess she liked what she saw cause she instantly grabbed the camera + started taking these snapshots. i guess it got her all excited to see me in my school stuffs 😀

well, school is several more years down the road, i guess for now mum + i can just play pretend that i am a schoolboy or a mailman. or maybe i can convince her to buy me a bag that actually fits me! what do you think? 😀

mailman bag, kids

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kids in doodles 04: mum or monkey bars?


i’ve written about our recent trip to tagaytay, but i failed to mention that apart from enjoying the scenic view, i also enjoyed doing this! err, i don’t exactly know what to call this nifty thing i discovered but here’s how it goes: when am sensing mum would put me down (most especially when we are outside or in a crowded place ;)), to show my disapproval i’d just claw my way to not being put down. i’d wrap my legs around mum’s leg so she won’t be able to put me down. in the end, i manage to stay in her arms! neat, right? it’s much like making a vertical monkey bar out of mum’s leg.

it really is effective, you should try it sometime 😉

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kids in doodles: my very first merry-go-round

today i am sharing with you the first time mum  + went to funranch. mum has written about it in details here. this is also the first time i ride the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel. i was a bit scared at first but enjoyed it anyway. i was riding with mum since i am still a bit young to be riding on my own. apart from these rides, we have also tried riding the train (the funranch express) + crossing the hanging bridge. we would have tried the other rides too, but i was getting a little late + we need to go home. maybe some other time, i wil ask mum to bring me there again. i will be sure to sample each of the rides they have 😉

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kids in doodles 02: baby reading

one of the things that i enjoy doing is reading. i’d stare at the photos in my books, point to them + sometimes, i even pretend i could read them 😉

it was something i got from my mum. she has been reading to me in utero + would always read the book the land before time (a tale of a baby dinosaur named littlefoot + his adventures with his friends, cera, spike, + ducky) before we dose off to dreamland.

one of my most favorite book is a boardbook mum got me with photos of cars, trains + airplanes. i just love it!

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