colorful new toddler stuff

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we got out last friday + went to the mall. mum + dad got me these colorful new stuff. mum said i needed new shirts, pajamas, shorts + other things badly since most of what i own are now either too fit or way to small for me to wear. so off we went shopping. of course, i was just running all over the place while my mum checks out the clothes on display racks + dad runs after me, hardly keeping up!

after about half an hour, mum’s got me several muscle shirts, a bunch of colorful sandos, which is a departure from my usual whites, to wear at home or when i sleep, a new set of mickey mouse underpants + this cool lightning mcqueen shirt. i guess you can tell that i am such a happy camper! ^_^

toddler, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, colorful things, children's clothing

apart from all the new clothes, mum also got me this cool lightning mcqueen plushy, ain’t he cute? 😉

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my new lightning mcqueen magazine

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mum got me this new cars 2 magazine at the expo kid last saturday. we were browsing around when  i wander off into a lightning mcqueen standee in one of the booths + mum saw this treat! 🙂  i love this publication, not only does it feature one of my faves, lightning mcqueen, but it also features a lot of other characters from the cars sequel, like my other favorite, tow mater + sally, plus the new characters shu, holly, fin, + so much more.

reading, my favorite things, lightning mcqueen, out + about

not only does it have a lot of great photos, it also include loads of activities which i hope to do once i am big enough, + yep, a whole new pin up of cool cars 2 stickers which i can stick to my stuff or any place i fancy.

the mag + me were inseparable at the event, i guess it was a good thing since mum was able to listen well to the speaker who is talking about the benefits of homeschooling, while i busy myself with my new stuff 😉

added any stuff on your lighning mcqueen collection lately? 🙂

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