Are You Excited About The Lego Batman Movie?

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I absolutely loved The Lego Movie shown in 2014, that is why I was very excited when I found out about The Lego Batman movie! Batman is one of my favorite DC superheroes {I’ve watched his Lego short films many times + love playing his Lego games, too!} and it will be a treat to see him on the big screen with mum + dad.

The Lego Batman Movie is hitting local cinemas on 09 February and will feature Will Arnett {who also voiced our caped hero in the first Lego film} as the voice of our favorite Gotham City son, Bruce Wayne, + the caped crusader, Batman. The story will be all about Batman going “on a personal journey to find himself and learn the importance of teamwork and friendship in the hopes of saving Gotham City from a hostile takeover set by The Joker” according to Wikipedia. The film will also feature the voices of Jonah Hill {Green Lantern} + mum’s fave, Ralph Fiennes as our favorite butler, Alfred.

This sure will be an exciting film + I cannot wait to see the bat dude battle his archenemy, The Joker. Are you excited, too! Will have mum check local cinema times for this film after she’s reading about this interesting website, You may also want to check out the website for more details.

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Cars 3 Trailer

I was overly excited when mum told me about the new trailer for Cars 3! If you are a regular reader of our blog, you probably know by now that I am a big fan of Lightning McQueen + have probably seen his first 2 films about a hundred times! 😀

I have never seen any of Lightning McQueen’s films on the big screen so I am really looking forward to watching Cars 3 at the cinema when it opens next year! 😀 Mum said we’d watch it on IMAX, but I have second thoughts about wearing a cool glasses while watching a film, so I am going to think about that first.

We have no idea on what Lightning’s new adventure will be, apart from what’s been shared on this trailer, but here’s a brief about the new film we got from Wikipedia:

Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game he will need the help of eager young female race technician Cruz Ramirez, with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Doc Hudson. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet, he will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage against his new rival, Jackson Storm.

Cars 3, the 3rd film in the Cars franchise will be shown on 16 June, 2017, so we only have 6 months to wait until we get to see Lightning McQueen and his gang. Are you also excited about the new Cars film? Which character is your favorite?

There are a number of other films to look forward to in 2017, among them are a number of my favorites. Will be sharing them here next, as soon as mum is done reading all about the cool presonus faderport.

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Pose like a Kung Fu master to see the advance screening of Kung Fu Panda 3

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Be among the first ones to join Po and the rest of the Kung Fu masters as they explore asecret panda paradise in the advanced screening of Kung Fu Panda 3. The fast-talking panda with a huge appetite is on a big mission again to unleash the Dragon Warrior in him, and Nickelodeon is giving everyone the chance to score exclusive seats to the special screening of the posse’s third fun and action-filled adventure on March 6.

Po and the Furious Five’s latest quest is one that can’t be missed, so Nickelodeon is giving away premiere screening tickets to 35 kids who can lock in their best martial arts pose, worthy for the Kung Fu masters.For a chance to be one of the lucky 35 to win tickets, one simply has to take a photo of them doing their best Kung Fu pose at any McDonald’s branch, which they can submit online by logging on to

The 35 kids with the best pictures will win four tickets each to the screening party and the chance to have fun as big as the comedy adventure, with the exciting activities that Nickelodeon prepared, in line with the advance screening.

Prior to the showing of the feature length film, kids get to enjoy games inspired by the movie such as Po’s Dumpling Transfer, which is a twist on the classic lemon relay. There’s also the modified version of the newspaper dance in the form of a game called Crane to Victory, among others.

There are a whole lot of other Kung Fu Panda-games, product samplings and mascot appearances in store on the day of the screening, that kids should definitely watch out for!

The promo will only run from February 14 to March 2, 2016, so hurry to the nearest McDonald’s, strut your best Kung Fu pose, and log on to for a chance to win tickets to the advance screening of Kung Fu Panda 3, happening on March 6 at the SM Megamall Cinema 6.

The Kung Fu Panda 3 Screening Party is presented by McDonalds. Co-sponsored by Chooey, Dream Play City of Dreams, and Milkita.

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watching how to train your dragon 2 at home

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my how to train your dragon 2 happy meal toys are out to hang out with me so we can watch the film together. mum downloaded a very clear copy of the film online + i was really excited to see it again. we were able to catch it when it was shown in the cinemas about 2 months ago, but a film this good needs to be seen again + again! ^_^

movies, collection, my favorite things, toys, happy meal toys

lucky we were able to complete all 7 happy meal toys just in time, otherwise, toothless won’t get to sit beside us on the sofa so he can see how cool he was in the film, challenging the very huge alpha dragon so he can defend his friend, hiccup! isn’t toothless the most awesome dragon of all? with those retractable teeth + amazing blue flames, to boot!

movies, collection, my favorite things, toys, happy meal toys

for those of you who are not familiar with the lovable dragons from this film, let me introduce you to:

  • hookfang, that red dragon with wide wings {first photo}
  • cloudjumper is the blue-and-green dragon, while the one with a shooter is bewilderbeast
  • that 2-headed dragon is belch + barf, which are also ridden by twin riders, ruffnut + tuffnut
  • that purple-yellow cutey is baby scattleclaws
  • of course you all know toothless + his best bud, hiccup, right?
  • grump is the orange one
  • + the orange-and-green dragon is terrible terror

well, i hope you enjoy meeting my dragon toys + do check out their film if you haven’t seen it yet, right? 😉


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c is for captain america

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we did not get to see the first captain america film, i think i am still a teensy-weensy baby at the time.but i did watch it on the telly a number of times with mum + dad. that is why i was very excited when i found out that it is going to have a sequel!

movies, family time, Marvel superheroes, blogging from a to z challenge

we finally managed to watch the film one day. we had lunch at the local mall + proceeded to the cinemas on the 4th floor. there were only too few people inside the cinema, probably because the film has been shown for more than a week already, but we do not mind. we found this perfect spot + got ourselves settled to see capt. steve rogers + his friends.

my favorite part of the film was seeing familiar faces from avengers, nick fury + black widow. i also like captain america’s new found friend, sam wilson, who is also known as falcon. he sure is a cool character, using this mechanical thingamabob to take flight into the sky + help captain america fight the hydra + its evil spaceships. he also volunteered to help the captain find his lost friend, buckie, who was turned into the bad guy, winter soldier, by the hydra group.

we loved the film + will definitely ask mum to download it when it is available online so we can watch it again at home! have you seen the film, too? did you like it?   :Movie-Time:

this is my third entry for the #atozchallenge:

blogging from a to z challenge

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