my new orange tee

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I did mention in one of my posts that mum bought me a new shirt a couple of weeks back. This is the very nice tee we got for 20% less at the Cinderella store during the SM mallwide sale weekend. It comes in a cool + cute orange shade + what’s even cooler is the “dad’s little champion” design in front. Mum bought the largest size available + am glad it fits 😀

I have yet to wear my new shirt though, mum thought I’d wear this when we go out to meet her friends but sadly I was not able to come with her because of the rain!I have been staying in the house for quite a long while now, to the brink of developing cabin fever, no thanks to the inclement weather that has been bugging us lately. But the sun was up yesterday + maybe we can go out soon enough so I can wear it 😉

This is my orange share what’s yours?

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orange tigger beddings

yup, finally mum got around to making an orange post in time for orange tuesdays! i actually have quite a number of orange stuffs to my name + this will be one great way to showcase them 😀

so, on with today’s color sharing…


this was a photo of me june of last year (notice i was a tad smaller in it? :)) i was in my crib/playpen which was covered by my orange/white tigger beddings, most of which is hidden under my tummy. apart from the sheet covers, it has a matching comforter, a tiny pillow + 2 little bolsters. this was gifted by my ninang chris + tita cherry (mums’ friends) when i was baptized 😉

soon enough, i will no longer fit into this + when I move from my crib/playpen, I’ll have to look for another bed. mums said if you’re looking for a new bed you might as well buy online at, where there is a large range to check out.

got any orange stuff to share, join us here:


When I move from my crib/playpen, I’ll have to look for another bed.  If you’re looking for a new bed then why not <a href=“”>

buy online</a> at, where there is a large range to check out.
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harry potter movie marathon

Harry Potteroffline for 3 days + occupied

i told you about our internet being down for 3 days + it rained the entire time, we never had the chance to go out of the house for a walk or a few minutes under the sun, no thanks to typhoon falcon. On friday, even my tita cecille was home-bound since due to the bad weather her boss cancelled work for that day. to keep ourselves amused, mum + i (with tito ken as alternate) would watch the rain from our bedroom window + see the water growing in our backyard (which is about up to my mum’s ankles by friday morning).

we’ve been doing it for several days already since it has been raining almost all week that everyone is just too tired of the rain come friday afternoon + is just praying it would go away sooner!

the grown-ups rediscovered an old favorite pastime activity + since i am only about 22 months + cannot really articulate my protest, i give in! but enjoyed much just a few minutes into it! yep, did i tell you people here at home are potter-nuts! they can talk harry potter all day long + yes, it also follows, they can watch potter movies on dvd’s all day long! + we did!

we started the journey with harry’s first brush with magic folk during his first year at hogwarts school. of course, there is no way you’d keep me glued on our lg screen longer than 30 minutes at a time, so i keep myself entertained + occupied with toys or books or my dood (that’s my baby talk for milk) or i’d sometimes doze off for a few minutes of naps!

long before i know it the first movie is finished + tito ken is fishing his 2nd dvd from his room. by the time the day is about to end + i was getting ready for bed, we have finished all 3 first movies already!

i really enjoyed watching most of it, especially that part with buckbeak + the flying car! i wish i can ride on beakie’s back too or drive a flying car! it will be very cool! 😉 i also find fluffy, the dog with 3 heads, very cute + funny!

am not sure when we will have a potter movie marathon again, but i’ll be sure to watch with the grown-ups again! maybe my tito will let me borrow his wand for a while so he can teach me some spells 😉

mum said the last harry potter movie will be shown very soon + the grown-ups are all raving about it! i hope i can watch it with them, but mum said i am not big enough to join! i guess i’ll just see it on dvd when it is out, then!

image from

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jared’s fave: tangled movie


this movie is my current favorite. i’ve watched it for about 10 times i think, since mum downloaded it thursday last 😉 this is a rehash of the old fairy tale rapunzel, which i have not seen yet. maybe i’ll ask mum to downloaded that too, so we can watch it + compare!
i love the song numbers in the film + i particularly enjoyed watching maximus, the horse, + pascal, the chameleon friend of rapunzel. here is my fave photo of him:

he never fails to make me laugh whenever he is shown on the screen. maybe i could ask mum if we can go see a chameleon in person…

how about you, what is your fave so far?

Note: image not mine

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