kids in doodles: my hair cut

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mum has been planning to get me a haircut since the new year started, my hair grow so fast + now my bangs {if you can call it that} is now poking at my eyes + i am really starting to get uncomfortable with in. not to mention, i’d sweat so much in a day that i’d end up all smelly + sweaty at the end of each day! so yesterday, sunday, mum + tita cecille + me went to sm pampanga for my much-needed haircut!

of course, if ever you’ve seen me in my past haircut episodes, you’d know that i am the type who’d put up a fight + make a big fuss even with just sitting at the barber’s chair. it does not matter how nice their car chairs look or that these car chairs also have some nice sounds, too! i simply won’t sit, knowing what’s to come next!

this particular hair cut session is no exception, i cried + fussed + refused to sit on the chair. i actually ended up sitting on mum’s lap. i only relaxed when i saw this familiar red car figure on the tv screen zooming on the race track.

i still struggle with the barber, occasionally, + just plainly refused that he use the buzzing razor on me! i guess our barber for that day was really a talented one cause he still managed to give me a proper hair cut, + a good one at that, even though i was fidgeting + dodging his comb + scissors all the while! 🙂

kids, kids in doodles, weekend, hair cut

i am now all up + ready for the summer! leave a comment on what you think about my new hair cut, right + don’t forget to share your kids in doodles stories, too! also, remember that the rafflecopter widget for the kids in doodles giveaway will only be open for the next 24 hours, so join in now! + don’t forget to link up all your previous k.i.d entries on the form provided in the giveaway post!

again, our big thanks to tita mirage for the cute thumblinks !

cheers to a happy monday + a great week ahead 😀

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kids in doodles: jared at manila ocean park


kids in doodles is up a bit late this week, sorry about that + before we start we’d like to thank everyone who joined us last week, with special mention to first-timer:tita rubz ^_^

now, off to this week’s k.i.d:

places, kids in doodles, kids, weekendkids in doodles, kids, places, weekend, toddlers

we went to manila ocean park, 2 weeks ago, together with mum, titas cecille + isabel, tito ken + my kuya sean + we had loads of fun. we saw loads + loads of fishies, including ones that looked like nemo, dory + my seahorse stuff toy!

kids in doodles, kid, toddlers, places, weekendkids in doodles, kid, toddlers, places, weekendkids in doodles, kids, toddlers, places, weekendkids in doodles, kids, toddlers, places, weekend

we’ve also seen very big + weird-looking fishies, crocodiles, + pengiuns. we also get to see sea lions, vince + isis, who made a  great performance, showing all their tricks,  for everyone to see!

kids in doodles, kid, toddler, places, weekend

we also get to experience snow for the first time, well, technically, that is, as i dosed off as we lined up for the entrance {see that big green lump mum is carrying :D} so i was not able to see it.mum said they are white + cold substance much like ice + in some parts of the world, like america + europe, it snows during the winter season.

we capped our visit to manila ocean park watching the musical fountain + it was really amazing! i enjoyed it much! it was such a wonderful experience + i’d love to do it again someday 🙂

by the way, we left the place riding a kalesa {those horse-drawn carriages that are found in manila}. i even get to touch + see the horse upclose. cool!

share your wonderful doodles with us! thanks again to tita mirage for the doodlelicious thumblink 🙂

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a colorful christmas weekend

colorful things, weekend, toddlers

there are still 34 days before the much-awaited holiday of all, but christmas started earlier this year when we went to the mall two weeks ago + saw all those beautiful christmas ornaments + lovely display. we couldn’t help it, mum + i posed at every landmard 😀

toddlers, play, christmas, colorful things, weekend

check out these cool installations at sm city in pampanga! you will see the big ben from the uk + the lovely windmills of the netherlands, + a whole lot more.

christmas, weekend, colorful things, toddlersa chorale group sang beautiful yuletide songs + i saw a lot of kids as well! even santa came to visit + gave out presents to lucky special children of one of the sped schools in the province. very neat, right?

my tita jinky took loads of photos which will be posted here soon, too! my weekend couldn’t get more colorful than this, how’s yours? 🙂

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