playing in the greens before my swimming lessons

playtime, summer, swimming class, toddler, green living

one of the things we need to do before starting our swimming class is to stretch to get the muscles in condition. + there is a green, grassy patch where we do our stretching each day. apart from stretching, i also enjoy walking around this area of the resort where everything around me seems green ~ from the grass to the vines crawling on the wall + the ceilings, too. it was rather relaxing + enjoyable staying in this spot + mum kinda likes it, too!  🙂

playtime, summer, swimming class, toddler, green living

here are a few of the photos mum took one time i was playing at this green area. if she can, she would’ve probably preferred to have something similar like this at home or she’d probably want to frequent a place something similar. she said one of the best things for parents to do is exposing little children to nature + teaching them how to save it at an earlier age, that way they’d develop a certain love + appreciation for nature even at an early age,+ hopefully when it is their time, they’d lend a hand in saving the environment + ultimately, our planet. i know i will! 😉

 playtime, summer, swimming class, toddler, green living

it has been awhile since i’ve been to the resort + i am missing it a lot, as well as coach abbey + the rest of the coaches. mum said she will see if i can enroll for another round of lessons next month, otherwise i will have to wait until next summer so i can practice on my swimming again. hopefully it will be sooner, i cannot wait to get back into the water again 🙂

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kids in doodles: watching the avengers


kids in doodles, movies, toddlers, best things to do this summer

i have always been interested with the avengers movie ever since mum pointed it out in the tellie one time + when we got thor’s hammer free from the pack of my favorite hotdogs dad bought a few weeks back. i would make it a point to blurt out “avenger” whenever i see the trailer + photos that mum promised we’d watch it as soon as we had the chance. + lucky me, we just did, last sunday! 🙂

after visiting expo mom, where i get to see cool stuffs + interesting toys to play with, we headed to mega mall to watch the avengers. it was a fun + enjoyable film to see! although, i was covering my ears most of the time + asked mum to cover my eyes, too, especially when the big, green monster hulk is shown, i would stay i rather enjoyed it + would recommend for other kids to see it, too. just make sure you see it with your mums, right? + ask them to cover your eyes + ears, too, when those loud + action-packed scenes are shown.

kids in doodles, movies, out + about, best things to do this summer, toddlers

my favorite avenger will have to be ironman, he is just way too cool, what with all the features he possesses! + do check out that scene where he tried to propel their ship back up in the air! + that thing he has up on his bulding’s roof top is just amazing! okay, i won’t tell anymore, the film is good + you better see it for yourself!

meanwhile, check out our cool photos with iron man. tita cecille took this right after we got our movie tickets after braving the long queue at the ticket booth. 🙂

what is the latest movie you’ve seen? share that or any of your doodles stories with us, do not forget to visit other participants to make our game more fun, right? check out the rules of our game + the badges here  🙂

thanks tita mirage for the linkie 🙂

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summer is here!

summer, beach, walt disney world resort

it was so evident with the scorching heat that summer is finally upon us + i cannot help but think of my inflatable pool, which am sure mum would put up very soon so i can splash in the water to beat the heat, + the beach, with the sand, the sea + the shore 🙂

mum has no definite summer plans as of yet, apart from the plans to see the big ship of books next week + go to bataan over the holy week.  i just hope we can go to the beach, too. we had the chance to go to one of those beaches in zambales last summer + i definitely loved it! i swam in the pool for hours + hours + even dipped in the sea with my parents

oh well, am sure, if mum could afford it, she’ll probably bring me to all those lovely places, walt disney world resort, even, since she knows how much i adore mickey mouse + his friends. she would probably spend many hours online reading loads of  Orlando Hotel Reviews so she will know which one to choose among these beautiful Orlando Hotelspolynesian resort, port orleans resort or buena vista palace, will best suit our needs + fit our budget, too! 😉

what are your summer plans?

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goodbye february + hello summer!

i can’t believe how time really flies, february is long gone and we are ushering the month of march already! hooray for summer! fun activities, sun + swimming! now, if only i can fit into my old bathing suit (drat, i’ve earn a couple of pounds + additional flab here and there, there is just no way i’d fit into it again!).
what i’m looking forward this month:

  • we’re planning a swimming activity for the family so that is something i am excited about. it’ll be the first time for jared to swim + i have yet to find him a cute swim wear? any ideas?   
  • i’ve just started with my new blog, mum writes, in wordpress with my own domain + self-hosting! it’s random sahm’s musings so expect more mom stuffs + then some. 
  • i am thinking of creating my own blog meme (since you know how much i adore them + is now addicted) hopefully i’ll get to host one for each blog. 
  • i am also contemplating on having my own little giveaway, you know just a simple token of appreciation for you who continuously visit my blog, leave comments + make this blog flourish!
  • my google adsense application is finally approved (after several failed attempts!) for both my blogs. woot! 
  • i’ve just ordered my first photo book from artscow + am now excitingly waiting for it in the mail (will post about it next)
  • i was tagged twice for the stylish blogger award + will be making 2 post on it so it will be twice the fun + i can tag more mommy bloggers too
  • finally, i am looking forward to new + exciting blogs to read + follow, more awesome giveaways (i’ve posted one here + another here), more followers + subscribers and a happy blogging experience

so, what are you looking forward to this month?
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