kids in doodles

what is kids in doodles?

it is our weekly kiddie meme where you showcase your children’s lovely photos or one of their creative doodles + artwork.

how to participate:

  • post a photo or a video, (old or new, it doesn’t matter) of your child and share a little background story of what this doodle is all about. or, if they have some, you can also post their artwork, too!
  • grab the badge and include it in your post.
  • Submit your permalink to the inlinkz collection which will be open from monday-friday.
  • visit as many  participants as you want. please be extra nice by returning the favor and leaving sensible comments.

here are the codes for our badges:

check out smart boys {the original host of this meme} for other badge design, too! 🙂 
you can also view all the past kids in doodles here.

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