Jared’s Mailbox: Postcards From Canada


We received these postcards from Canada last week. They feature Canadian wildlife found in Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. My Ninang {godmother} Niz said these wildlife roam freely around the park. I bet it would be awesome to see these bighorn sheep up-close. I thought they have the coolest horns, don’t you?

Thank you, Ninang for these cool cards. Adding them to my animal-themed collection! 😀

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d is for donkeys

my favorite things, animals

we took on the abc wednesdays challenge a few months back but sadly we were not able to finish it all the way up to letter z. the last post we made was for the letter p, which you can read here.

anyway, we are unaware that the meme has just started again recently, so instead of finishing the first challenge, mum decided that we join the new one instead, + cross our fingers that we complete it this time around.

my share for letter d is a photo of these donkeys which mum took when we visited avilon zoo last month. they were standing farther away from their corral that i was not able to take a good look at them, but they sure look fascinating. i also thought they were a quite lot but i am not really so sure. i hope i can ride one someday! 🙂

i will tell you more about the animals i saw at the zoo in my upcoming posts.

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a is for animals + abc wednesdays

abc wednesdays

mum found this exciting new meme to join + since she plans to update my little corner more often this year, this sounds like a perfect fit! it’s called abc wednesdays + every week we are to feature something beginning with the letters of the alphabet until we finally reach letter z! isn’t that exciting? 🙂

our entry for this week is all about animals, a dog.

my favorite things, animals, out + about

this photo was taken when we went to baguio november of last year, there’s this park where you can get a good look at the baguio landscape in their viewing deck and where you can also have your photos taken with this humongous labrador dogs. we would’ve opted for the biggest one, but mum decided to settle for this cute dog with droopy eyes. i bet the cold weather is making  him sleepy. don’t you think he rather looks good with his shades on?

i bet this fellow wants to play, he immediately lied down beside me when i sat. i would’ve loved to bring him home so that i can have a pet of my own! i hope the owners of this dog will not tire him working at the park all day + will let him be a dog, who played around, for once.

join us at abc wednesday, click on the badge above for more information 😉

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kids in doodles #19: jared’s birthday

kids in doodles, kids

today’s kids in doodles edition is extra special {at least for me :)} as i will be hosting it in behalf of mummy willa, kuya kendrick + kuya patrick. they are a bit busy at the moment due to their impending move back to the philippines {check out their post here} + since this meme is one of my most favorite, mum gladly volunteered to host it for the time being, then after a few weeks, it will be mummy che‘s turn to host it {she’s getting her baby blog ready ;)}

kids in doodles, kids, birthday, Zoobic Safari

so, today i will share with you my 2nd birthday celebration, when we visited zoobic safari {somewhere up north}. we saw a lot of trees + some mountains on our way there, mum + dad said it will take a 3-hour drive by car to get to zoobic safari. i plan to stay up while travelling so i can see more of the surrounding, but i was off for my nap time an hour away from our destination.

when we got there, we immediately fell in line to get in + joined this group of guests + a tour guide to see what this place has to offer. we first went to the serpentarium, which housed the reptiles including turtles, snakes, big lizards + iguanas. i saw this big yellow snake. mum + i had our photos taken beside it, of course all of these animals are caged so they won’t go out + bite anyone 😉

animals, Zoobic Safari, kids, kids in doodles
some animals found in zoobic safari

i saw a lot of other animals that day, including a white tiger {which is the only one of its kind found in the zoo}, yellow tigers + lions, too, donkeys, ostriches + wild boars. we also road this car + went to feed some tigers. of course, someone has to accompany us so he can feed the tigers so we can see them upclose + personal.

we even get to see some animals perform. a wild boar, named dora, painted a picture using colored pens, a little dog danced tinikling +  some dogs + some animals indigenous to our country showed their tricks, too.

there was even a group of teenage aetas who performed their traditional dance for us, they showed some funny steps, imitating how a monkey moves.

there were also a lot of birds living in the aviary in zoobic safari, but we only managed to see a few, some horn bills + some owls, too. we never get to explore the rest of the aviary because it started to drizzle when we got there, + mum just couldn’t risk me getting wet so we explored the souvenir shops instead. dad bought me this cute white lion stuff toy.

it was a very enjoyable afternoon + we had loads of fun celebrating my 2nd birthday. i hope we can go back there when i am a bit older + have our photos taken with the baby tiger.

so what is your kids-in-doodle share for the week? share it with us, grab the badges from the smart boys + don’t forget to include it in the linky. have a great week ahead, everyone! 😉

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