mommy + me monday: + mum steals a kiss!


since i shared my very first kiddie fun ride experience a little while back, i want to share a couple of more photos we had back then. this time it was a photo of me + mum, whilst we line up for the queue to the funranch express. this snapshot was taken by my tita cecille.
the wait for the train ride took a while so we took the chance to snap some photos + mum even managed to sneak in + still a kiss from me. please don’t mind my hair, especially my bangs, it was one of those few occasions when mum is in the mood for another diy cut-my-baby’s-hair episodes, this is one of those that obviously went bad! 😉


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jared is 16 months!

calling mum on his mobile phone?
i simply can’t believe how time flew by so quickly, and i always marvel whenever i look at my son, in all his 16-month, 13-kilos-or-so, gooey, giggling and endearing glory. he grew up too quick i wanted to wish the time backwards to when he is just a tiny, little bundle in my arm.
he simply can’t stay put in one place…here with tita amy + ate ec
at 16 months, my jared can now:
  • make gestures with his fingers as if counting them
  • can actually count his fingers, but every bit is just “two”
  • point to mickey mouse behind our door when you ask him to
  • climb up and down our bed on his own
  • recognize the sound of fireworks and appreciates the pyrotechnic display
  • brush his hair whenever i give him his hair brush
  • point to the letters on his brainy baby board books while we sing “abc” to him
  • walk with a very steady gait
  • hold a crayon in his right hand and started making a big coloring book out of our room
  • appreciate his puzzle pieces but instead of putting them together he “shoots” it to his bucket instead
  • show emotions like frustration when he can’t work out his toys and boredom when he watches a video over and over
  • express his worry by looking at mummy when something goes wrong or alarms him 
  • out and about in moa
this year i expect we will be learning more and doing more fun stuff to enhance jared’s skills and abilities. i’d love to introduce him to coloring books and stickers, maybe we can go out more often and visit a park (maybe the one in the provincial capitol will do just fine). i am still on the lookout for swimming classes nearby so i can enroll him (and myself while i’m at it!lol!). 
i just can’t wait to have more conversations with my son too! and yes we will be going back to reading and cutting back on viewing time! so my apologies to pocoyo and barney if we will be seeing less of you, i have a growing baby to raise to meet his full potentials:)
note: pardon me if this post is several weeks delayed
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My 14 months old..

jared turned a year and two months old eve of halloween and these are just a few of his baby accomplishments, traits, idiosyncrasies and whatnots:

1.  he turns the computer off especially if mum is so engrossed in playing cafeworld and she can barely notice
2.  he shouts “dede” when he wants to drink milk, and
3.  he reaches out his hands to his drinking bottle’s direction if he wants to drink water
4.  he can now take eight to 12 steps, or more, unsupported or without grasping at things
5.  he now mumbles a lot, albeit mostly still in gibberish, but i sure can tell that he will say his few clear words in no time!
6.  he calls mum “mama” and sometimes, when he is having such a great day, he can also say “da-ddy!”
7.  he calls daddy’s car “toot”, imitating the sound the car’s horn makes
8.  he can focus on the screen for what seemed like eternity, without even blinking, heavy in concentration
9.  he downs 7oz of milk every two hours and
10. seems moody and picky when it comes to his solid food
11. he loves spaghetti and fries!
12. he definitely loves music, just about any type! (the nights spent listening to Mozart and company, prenatal, finally paid off)
13. he knows that he has to throw his ball to get it lighting again
14. he tends to be shy around strangers but will be friendly and smiling once he get the hang of it
15. seems like all he wants to do is to walk, walk and walk
16. he just had his Hepa A vaccine
17. he now weighs a whopping 13 kilograms
18. he loves books and mumbles as he holds one aloft, as if reading aloud!
19. he adores barney’s i love you song
20. and alternates that with elmo’s elmo song
21. and still loves pocoyo to bits!
22  he drinks loads of water daily, too!
23. he says “bab-ba” for bye-bye whilst waiving his hand
24. he seems to enjoy going out and travelling
25  although he sleeps most of the time as we travel by car
26. sometimes it’s way to difficult to have him to fall asleep, but the good old lullaby often does the trick

taking care of a toddlers is such a handful, it does take almost all my time. but i will never trade any moment of this, both good and bad. i simply love being a mother to jared..

i’d love to hear about your toddler’s story…

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