my orange brush + comb

orange stuffs

these are my orange comb + brush which mum bought last may from sm pampanga. i originally had a set of infant comb/brush set which mum got before i was even born but they are now worn out + tattered, not to mention they are now so tiny to put my hair in place. i also used the comb-end  as an improvised teether when i was a bit little so my scalp would actually complain of scrapes and cuts if i were to use it now 🙂

i kinda like this set better than the last one. plus, the orange + white combination is quite cool to the eyes. i play with these stuff every now + then, + is beginning to attempt to chew on the comb-end again! hehe! i’ve also learned how to use them + would comb my hair on my own with this pair after taking a bath + a little cajoling from my mum 🙂

what is your orange stuff for the week?

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