Use A Baby Monitor To Take Care Of Your Child

You might ask that why would you need a baby monitor? Even though it has become an obvious question now, baby monitors are the newest innovation for the busy parents. This application gives the parents the facility of keeping an eye on the baby even if they are not present with the baby all the time.

A baby monitor is something that you can use to listen to even the remotest of the noises made by your infant. The baby monitors are primarily used to keep watch on your baby when they sleep in separate rooms or when you are away from your baby. The system comprises of a radio transmitter and a receiver system that come with a camera, microphone and speaker. The microphone is put near the baby and the receiver system is to be kept with you.

The device has a frequency within the range of 49 to 50 megahertz but there are some models that have a frequency as high as 900MHz. There may be a few times that the baby monitor gives a third party the transmitted signals in their receiver. There are many choices of bands to avoid this situation. The wireless baby monitor has no cord or wire attached to it. You can even get baby monitors with cable instead of a radio signal and for that, you will need a main wiring.

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free diapers from twins lampein

we won these big packs of diapers from twins lampein’s facebook page contest in january + on march 29 we met up with one of their representatives downtown to get our prize. these diapers would have got me covered for one whole month + mum said it also has the cloth-like quality of my current brand. the only downside is there is no way i can fit my 21-kilo frame into these 12-kilo sized dappys! 🙁

we planned to give it out in a giveaway here but changed our mind + gave it to a worthy recipient who might just fit into them, instead, + mum ended up buying another jumbo pack of my diaper brand for this month’s use.

anyway, i’d still want to say a big thanks to twins lampein for our prize! 😉


Orange Tuesdays

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my orange baby powder

kids, baby powder, Enfant

one of my favorite things is my orange baby powder. i’ve tried a few brands before + so far we like this one best. aside from having anti-rash qualities, it is also made up of pure + natural sterilized talcum powder that is just great for my delicate skin.

i simply love it when mum put this on me after i take a bath or during diaper change or during playtime when i get all sweaty and smelly, see i perspire a lot + needed frequent application of powder especially on my back to prevent sweat + keep my back dry 😀 it keeps me fresh + it also has this delicate, gentle smell that i love.

it comes in this cute orange/white container + i love playing with it, too, whenever i get the chance.

what is your orange share this tuesday?



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