Is Your Breast Pump Covered by Insurance?

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Whether you are having your first baby or third, if you have decided on nursing your child you will want to make sure you add a breast pump to your list of things you must have. As much as you want to be there for your baby it may be virtually impossible, especially if you decide to return to work while you are still nursing. It is advisable to get your baby acquainted with a bottle that is filled with your breast milk before you have to wean him or her off the breast milk and on to a formula.

There are several different types of breast pumps available and before basing your decisions on which ones you prefer, you may be able to choose one that is covered by your health insurance. A double breast pump has become more and more popular with busy moms but the price tag on some can be as much as $300, although there are plenty of different options available.

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my orange baby powder

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one of my favorite things is my orange baby powder. i’ve tried a few brands before + so far we like this one best. aside from having anti-rash qualities, it is also made up of pure + natural sterilized talcum powder that is just great for my delicate skin.

i simply love it when mum put this on me after i take a bath or during diaper change or during playtime when i get all sweaty and smelly, see i perspire a lot + needed frequent application of powder especially on my back to prevent sweat + keep my back dry 😀 it keeps me fresh + it also has this delicate, gentle smell that i love.

it comes in this cute orange/white container + i love playing with it, too, whenever i get the chance.

what is your orange share this tuesday?



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lookie am a month older!


i am only a few week’s shy of turning 2 + i guess anyone who has not seen me in a while + would see me now will say that i have grown a lot! which i actually have, come to think of it. mum would often wonder how i’d grown so big in such a short period of time. i guess she’s still thinking back to the little infant she gave birth too almost two years ago! ;D

infant, i am no more! + i bet mum would agree. am now a bunch of unbounded energies raring to be released + to spread the energies to anyone or anything i get in contact with (which recently includes 2 poor + clueless bowls who happen to be lying lazily in the dining table where i joyfully pulled this red dome-thingy used to cover the food from insects + to my surprise, the bowls laden with leftovers from lunch came crashing just a few heartbeats away from me. i was lucky to survive with just a tiny cut in one of my left toes. i was rooted to the ground + so was my mum. her wail of worry + fear tore at the wind bringing me back to the here + now. + no i won’t forget the picture frame i was playing with a few days ago which fell to the ground with its glasses shattering to a million shards).

well before you get into the wrong conclusions,  i am not just a walking bunch of trouble + you can ask my mum that i do more good things than bad 😀 of course she would probably be biased more than half the time but it is probably inevitable! 😀

a few weeks back mum was surprised to see me tapping my hand on my knees while i listen to this music in youtube. i watch a lot of music videos on youtube, from alexander desplat to switchfoot, from 30 seconds to mars to incubus. i would love to grow up listening to a wide variety of songs + music +  i guess i have found another way of expressing my appreciation for music by tapping my hand on my knees. i don’t think it would be any harder to grow up as music lover as everyone in my family loves music.

anyway, mum is also amused at how talkative i have grown, with a bunch of mumbles. i can break into an entire litany with the grown ups understanding nary a word of what i said. i can be successful with car, or baby, or tito or daddy on one too many occasions. i can even get away with pato or other words a few times + my mum will be very happy about it. i guess, like most of the rest of my faculties (apart from walking + running, which i have mastered now with flying colors), i have quite a long way to go.

well, that is all for now, from my little corner. Do join my giveaway + be one of the lucky winners of awesome prizes including $100 Paypal cash + gc’s. I’ll wait for your entries, right? For now, let us make the most of the great weather + bask in the sun!

happy thursday, y’all! ;D

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toy stories 03: of floaters + other summer toys

summer is not long gone but i miss it already! i totally enjoyed all the activities we did + places we’ve been (although there weren’t that many). apart from that, i also totally enjoyed the summer toys dad bought me especially for the season. he’s got me two arm floaters, one has a 101 dalmatian puppy + the other one has dumbo, the flying elephant in it (which my cousin, Shane, insists on borrowing cause she’s mistaken dumbo to be a girl!)

i also got this supercool jetplane floater which i used so i can float in a 4-foot swimming pool + in the beach! i simply love riding it in the water 😉

i’ve also got a few colorful balls + rubber duckies + boats that my mum threw into the water whenever she set up the inflatable pool, + the pool happens to by my most favorite, if it will count as a summer toy! 😉

Toy Stories




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mommy moments: birthday photos

jared blowing his birthday cake as mum, dad + jollibee looked on

with mum + with tita cel
a taste of his birthday spaghetti, his banner + giveaways

here are a few of my son’s first birthday photos. i had my bro, ken, design this layout for a photobook i ordered from artscow a some months back (i made a separate post about it here). 
i wanted my son’s birthday to be simple yet very memorable, it was his very first in the first place + i was very excited preparing for it. we had a simple celebration in a jollibee branch nearby. we invited my closest friends, jared’s god parents (some were not able to come since we live in a far off place) and some family friends + neighbors. we had games for both kids + adults + everyone had lots of fun. all the hard work + the penny spent paid off, especially when i saw my son’s reaction to the jollibee mascot – priceless!
am looking forward to my son’s 2nd birthday several months from now…

mommy moments

this is my late entry to this week’s

click on the badge for more birthday photos. happy weekend everyone!

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