my birthday photobook arrives

here’s me, figuring out a way to open my parcel
last week, mum picked up my 1st birthday photo book from the post office. this is the one she ordered from artscow about a month ago. the photo book contained all the lovely pictures we had during my very first birthday. my tito ken made a great layout + arranged the photos there too. very nice, i must say, + am not being biased here. so you’ll believe me, here are some photos mum took of my very first photo book:
my very first photo book
a photo of me blowing me birthday cake
a photo with mum + tita cel
i think mum is having loads of fun with this photo book that she plans to order more. let’s just see what other creative ideas she + tito ken might come up the next time she get another photobook. 
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diarrhea woes

an old jared pic in dappy

my son has been passing very soft, and sometimes watery, stool since saturday last. he would also do it twice or three times a day, much to my worries. apart from giving him uncomfortable feeling or stomach upset perhaps, i am worried his diaper area will get rashes + get irritated due to frequent washing + diaper changing too! 
at first, i thought it was due to his medicine (see he recently suffered from colds + had to take some medication, including an antihistamine since his pedia is suspecting his colds is due to allergies) so no cause to worry really + i am just being my normal mommy mode. but then several days passed with no improvement + the other day he went three times. now for someone who’s been eating a lot in a day, it would probably be normal + i can easily dismiss it, but my son rarely eats his solids but would consume 7 ounce of milk every 2 hours or so.
yesterday i sent a text to his pedia raising my concerns + she acquiesced to have my son stool examined just so we know what the real problem is. observing my son, i don’t think he is anyway near to being dehydrated, his bowel movements aren’t accompanied by fever or vomiting either so that also rules out viral or bacterial infections.
we will have his stool checked later, i only hope it turned out negative. i hope this is only due to jared’s habit of putting everything he sees in his mouth + nothing more. please pray for us, thanks.

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of turning 18 months

my once-little-bundle-of-joy-now-turned-tumbling-tot is growing way to fast + has just turned 18 months wednesday. curious + eager to see the world past the four corners of his crib/playpen and beyond the confines of his room, he would almost always dash to the door, with his slippers in either hand, raring to go out. he would slip past me most of the time + go out with unshod feet.

what the little tot is up to:

  • would always wander past every open door in the house
  • can now mount his “first car”, using his feet to make it move + keep his balance
  • has recently found the joy in playing with his toy cars
  • has just rediscovered his waving powers + accompanies that with “baba” as he waves his hands enthusiastically
  • would blurt out little words like “yes”, “three”, or something that sounds similar
  • just said “c” or the c-sound whilst we were watching an alphabet vid (will make a separate post on it)
  • still hates to take his vitamins + meds though
  • is counting stuff, but everything is just “two”
  • is now attempting to climb up his playpen
  • his weight stays put at 14 kilograms

how time flies, has it really been 18 months? felt like it was only yesterday when i gave birth to a bouncing 8.3-pound baby boy! happy 18th month son, here’s to so much more! mum + dad loves you!

photo source

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baby’s day out

finally, after way too much delay, we were able to go to activefun and have a day of fun + play. i purchased a voucher from ensogo for half the price in january and i was surprised when i found out that it was for unlimited playtime, so it really was every cent’s worth! i only need to pay additional Php50 (since we went on a friday) + Php125 for an adult entry (of course, i need to accompany jared while he plays, daddy looks on the sideline and act as our photographer). after putting my socks on (everyone who enters the play area needs to wear one, you know for hygienic purposes), off we go to infinite playtime.


jared walked and walked, and walked some more, exploring every nook + cranny of this children wonderland. we climbed the stairs and ladder, we played on the slides, we went on a jaunt at the trampoline and sat with gazillion little balls. we also played with this giant wall piano which my baby utterly enjoyed.

we played for solid two hours, and the little man is simply unstoppable + seemed to never ran out of energy. we navigated the play are a second and a third time, then sat beside the giant octopus chair to rest + rehydrate and took some photos then we were off again.

i realized how much i was in bad shaped when i started panting + catching my breath while i run after my little tot, gees, i guess i really need to get back in shape…

all in all, it was another fun-filled day for us + i must commend the activefun crew for being friendly + accomodating.

how about you, where have you + your tot played lately?

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of raising a bookworm in the making…

i simply love reading and i was wishing this would rub off to my son and he’d grow up to be a book lover as well. apart from following mum’s footsteps, here are a few of the benefits jared will get from reading:

  • develops a good vocabulary 
  • helps build spelling skills when he is already in school
  • encourages him to hopefully write his own stories later on 
  • encourages creativity + curiosity
  • builds empathy
  • helps build critical thinking + character later on in life

and these are the steps i’d like to take to keep my son hooked:

  • pique his interest. before he was even born i’ve bought a couple of kiddie books which i think he might find interesting. jared started out his appreciation by looking at the books while i read to him when he was very little, chewing at the ends of a book while he was teething (even if i bough him a soft book which doubles as a chew toy!), with another book ending up all tattered with all the pages torn when he learned using his pincer grasp, to looking + laughing at the pictures of one of his dinosaur books, to taking his book from his toy bin + mumbling whilst holding it (as if pretending to read it!)
  • be a role model. i am walking the talk, so to speak, and my son would always catch me reading a book or a magazine whenever i get the chance ( i was reading to him way before he can appreciate it, heck i was reading to him aloud every night when he was still in my tummy!). soon enough, he was imitating me + could not wait to get his hands on whatever it is i am reading.
  • leave reading materials around the room. i simply love books + it is tantamount to saying i have books everywhere. + i let jared touch them and look at them, i even make sure he holds a book right side up so he’ll begin to get the hang of it. i also placed his books where he can easily retrieve them whenever the reading drive kicks in.
    so how do you plan to raise a book lover?

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