orange winnie the pooh ball

tigger, pooh, ball

one of the best toys ever invented (at least in my opinion) is the ball! ball is simply the great! you can play with it on your own, or shoot into makeshift baskets you will find around, or, you can call on all your playmates + you can play catch!

as for me, the best way to enjoy  a ball is to just toss it + see where it landed! i mostly enjoyed playing with it on my own, running around the house while grabbing my winnie the pooh ball in one hand.  i also play catch with my cousins whenever they are at home. apart from this orange ball, i also have a few other types of balls which i love to play with, too 😉

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toy stories 04: my soccer ball

soccer ball, ball

today i am sharing one of my oldest toys with you – my plush soccer ball. mum bought this for my very first christmas in 2009 from blue magic in sm pampanga. i guess this toy paved the way for my fascination with balls.

i simply love playing with it. sometimes i play on my own, sometimes i play with my cousins + my titos + titas, most times i play this with mum + dad. mum + i would chase each other around the kitchen with this ball. she also taught me how to kick using this toy. plus, i am also learning how to shoot with this ball, tossing it anywhere i can think of, yes, including mum’s face ;D

soccer ball, ballthis is a photo of several months’ old me, yep with the mits + socks, trying to give my ball a kick ;D

i fall into fits of laughter + giggles, having a kick with this ball, especially when mum tosses it up into the air towards our ceiling. just fun!

when you have a ball, you have the world’s greatest toy of all! ~ barney

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